Blogmas belated start!

Hello my lovelies,

Yes I know bit of a late start on the blogmas posts. I was in two minds as to whether or not to do it, but I thought why not it will be fun. It will allow me to talk about my favourite season, Christmas of course.

I have loads of ideas whirling around in my head as to what I want to post. Plus it gives me a chance to do crafts and baking a bit more. Also I get to decorate our tree when it finally arrives, up until now my family has always had the same tree since I was a baby (born 87) and every year my mum would fight with the lights as they would tangle up. So as I got older as I have some patience I was always untangling. This year she has opted for a pre lit tree, yay I hear you yell. No she wants all the lights from the old tree around the windows so Yep I have to untangle them still.

So December 2nd and my first blogmas post which means I will be doing my last blogmas post on Boxing Day (December 26th) In the meantime, hope you all enjoy getting ready for the holiday season.

How are you getting prepared for xmas?


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