Blogmas Day 18 - End of Term news.

Hello my lovelies,

Today is day 18 on blog a and its also excatly 7 days until xmas. Now I still have xmas shopping to do which is getting done tomorrow (although as I write this I have actually finished my shopping, but weird I know), but anyway today is the day schools break up and us teachers and Teaching assistants can rejoice in the fact that we have two weeks of no teaching. Although the teachers will have marking to do and I have to come up with lesson plans for one to one sessions with my key students. So in a way we have no break, but it was a relaxing day as I only had a maths lesson to help with where they were making patterns based on co ordinates. I covered the inclusion centre at the school which was nice and quiet only had three students in there. Then it was a case of two assemblies one after the other then all students were out of school by lunchtime. 

Which meant us staff members had our Christmas lunch altogether and we also said goodbye to a few teachers as well. Then it was time to clean up the Support for Learning classroom so it was all tidy for next year. I can't remember if we put the Christmas decorations away or not lol oh well it will still be ok by the time we go back.

So that was the last day of term and I was home by 3 and relaxed all by 4, not a bad days work. I also had one of the naughty kids wish me a merry Christmas which surprised me as they are not like that normally, but it was nice for a change.

Stay tuned for blogmas day 19. 

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