Blogmas Day 19 - Last Minute Shopping Dash

Hello my lovelies,

Today is day 19 of blogmas and I have to say never go Christmas shopping with 6 days to go before Christmas you will regret it trust me. I went to my main shopping centre and it was packed and people were walking so slow, kids were screaming. I wished that I had done it all online or earlier in the year, next year I won't leave it so late. But all that said and done it was a nice yet stressful day out of the house, I met up with an old school friend and had a coffee and a chat for half an hour which although brief was nice.

I finally got all my presents that I wanted to get then went to the card factory to get my parents a xmas card and the queue, oh my god it was long, took about 20-30 mins before I reached the tills. Plus due to everything being indoors, it was so hot in the shopping centre. I had to take off my scarf and at times my coat, which when your carrying four big bags is a challenge if you need to carry your winter coat. It was also a long day, I got up the centre at 12ish and I wasn't home until gone 4. I was shattered, my feet ached, I was hungry as I hadn't had any lunch, which is a bad idea when you have epilepsy and tend to have seizures when you lack food or get stressed. But it was ok, I was ok nothing happened except I wanted to scream at a few people to get out my way and stop walking at a snails pace. I am not good with people who walk slow. 

Whilst I was shopping I got to see the Christmas display and I love going to see it, it's a big attraction in my home town, but unfortunately the last few years it has lacked in appeal. You used to be able to walk around a big display and watch all the moving bears and elves, but this year to see that you had to go on the train which costs £2 and took about 5 minutes, not even that. Plus Santas grotto was an igloo and from what friends said you were rushed when making your crafts before you got to see the man himself. 

MK you need to get your act together when it comes to the Christmas display, you ruin the Christmas feel for everyone. #justsaying. Apart from all that it was a productive day and I finally got all my Christmas presents sorted, now all I need to do is wrap them.

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