Blogmas Day 4-Christmas memories

Hello my lovelies,

Welcome back to day 4 of the blogmas challenge. Now today I'm going to talk about Christmas memories, I have a lot of memory three stand out the most. The first is where my sister and I were younger we got up bright and early as usual at that age, but we weren't allowed in the living room before we had breakfast. When we had finished we went and opened the door and the whole living room was full of presents and I mean literally you couldn't move. However, I'd like to point out that they were big presents. It was the year I got my Barbie house and it was a bit like the one below.

Along with this I got the furniture to go in it and a few barbies and other presents. The second Christmas I can remember is when I got my first tv. We had all opened our presents and my dad said that my sister and I had another present in our rooms. My sister went into hers and had a stereo I went into mine and there sitting on the bed was a Tv. I was so happy it was the best present that I got that year. The third year I can remember is the year where I had a seizure on Christmas Eve. I couldn't remember what I got people or even the dog we got two weeks before. You can find out more of this on my YouTube channel where I've posted a video about it. 

Finally my other favourite Christmas memory was from 2004 when I got tickets to see Green Day in concert in Milton Keynes Bowl. I had been bugging my mum for tickets for months and she told me they had sold out and so I was really bummed about it. Then when all the presents had been handed out my sister handed me an envelope and I opened it and inside were three tickets (one for me, one for my sister and one for her now husband). It was a great concert. Yes I was happy with all my presents that year, but those tickets were like getting my first tv all over again. 

What was your fave Christmas memories?


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