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Hello my lovelies,

Ok so this month I was hoping to post every day. I called it blogtober. Now it was going so well until I got a new app. I wrote -or rather type don't- out the posts and published them, never thinking to check that they had published. I go on it today and not one post since the Halloween make up post has published. I have then found out that the app has deleted all the unpublished posts. So peeved right now. I can't remember what I posted and it's nearly the end of October. Suppose I better try again for blogmas. 

Seriously can you believe we are nearly at the end of the month. I have just finished work for the half term holidays or fall holidays if your from America or Canada. I can tell you it was a long half term but the next one will be even longer. See I don't break up until the 22nd December which gives me two days to do shopping, so think I better do some this week just to be on the safe side. I have an idea what to get people, it's just getting the gifts before xmas. 

Anywho this post was actually meant as an explanation for why I haven't posted like I said I would. Hopefully this will post haha.

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