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Hello my lovelies,

This post is all about Halloween make up. I've trawled Pinterest trying to find ideas in case you know I decide to dress up - highly unlikely- also you can find some amazing tutorials on Instagram and YouTube. Some are sweet ideas, some are scary and some make you think how on earth did they do that.


This is my fave one, it actually look like Simba. To do something like this must take a lot of time, patience and talent.


Again this must take time, patience and talent. Such a sweet and I would say simple design, but just look at the detail.


This one doesn't look too hard, but I can gauruntee that if I was to try it I would mess up somewhere along the lines.


I saw this one being done on Instagram yesterday and it had me mesmerised, so simple yet effective and to a degree freaky.

Now I've never seen the Saw films, but I know Jigsaw and this is flipping brilliant. I think I would try this first if I was to try and do make up for Halloween.

I love skeleton make up and this is amazing and beautiful at the same time. Pictures start to get very detailed and freaky from here on out.

More detail for the skeleton and even moved down on the neck which is not something I've seen very much with skeleton make up. I think it works well with the hair as well. Especially grey/silver hair.


This is just plain scary for me as I don't like clowns at the best of times (Thanks Pennywise (IT)). But this is also amazing, the amount of detail and dedication this must have taken is beyond anything I could do. 


Finally this one, this is my fave scary look. It reminds me of a scarier Jack Skeleton from Nightmare Before Christmas. Two simple colours or shades if you want the technical term. Yet it looks complicated to do, which in turn makes it so damn effective. If I had the talent then this or one of the day of the dead candy skulls would be what I would go for.

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