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Sorry for not posting, I have done posts for the last few days, but due to downloading a new app, the posts haven't been posting just saving. Over the next day or so I will hopefully post the delayed posts. So for today is TV shows. Now a lot of these are scary, some I have chosen as they have Halloween episodes or due to their supernatural content. Firstly.

Yes this is a film as well, but the TV series bring Crane to the future. He has to adapt to living with modern technology and yet keep his old fashion values. He has to battle the forces of evil along with a Detective Mills who known as a witness, due to her seeing a supernatural being as a kid with her sister. It's due to enter its fourth series and it's really good. There is a cross over with the show Bones, which was a bit silly, but also entertaining as you see Brennan battle it with her belief that supernatural things aren't real.

Next with have Sabrina the Teenage Witch. This isn't scary, but it has witches, warlocks and Halloween episodes so a bit Halloweeny for the tweens. I loved it growing up and was bummed when it got cancelled, but I guess it shows that things get old and now we have a new show or did in the form of Wizards of Waverley Place.


Charmed, I loved this show so much. I saw all eight series and they were good. I preferred the older series 1-5, after that the feel of seemed to change, I don't know if it was due to technology advancing and HD coming in, but it didn't have that muted colour feel in the latter series.


Munster, now I haven't really watched this properly, but what I have seen of it it's funny, not scary just your typical 60s show. When I first saw it I thought Addams Family. But it's not, just to point that out. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend going and searching on YouTube for it.


True Blood, now who can say this isn't a great show. Everything about it is great, vampires, shape shifters, witches, werewolves and more. It is mainly aimed at adults due to the mature content of the show, so I don't recommend it to those under the age of 18.


Vampire Diaries, now this is kind of like a more tame version of True Blood. In the sense that a teenage girl falls for a vampire. There is also werewolves, hybrids of wolf and vamp, witches and hybrids of witches and vamps (the vampires sure get around). It's coming into its final season and has a spin off show called The Originals, which unfortunately only aired two seasons in the U.K. On Sy fi channel. If you want to watch the others series then you need to buy amazon prime.


Finally we have the amazing American Horror Story. I'm going got show you all the posters for all the seasons so far, as they are simply amazing, it shows you great advertising in its simplest form. Now I said in my first blogtober post that if my sister had pestered me to watch it then I wouldn't have. So I'm glad she did as each season has been better than the last, with the exception of season four Freak Show. Also each season is somehow linked. How this is possible I don't know as I haven't seen anything to link to other series.

So the picture above is season one Murder House. Then you have season Two Asylum, season three Coven, Season four Freak Show, Season five Hotel and the recent one Season six Roanoke. 

Now if these posters aren't enough to get you watching the show, then I don't know what will, maybe the adverts. Season six had different adverts and only a few were the true adverts hinting at what the show was going to be called. Roanoke is based on the lost civilisation and has reference to Croatoan. Now I don't know what that means as I've only ever heard that word in the series Supernatural. Which is another great show and has spawned 12 series with season 12 yet to be shown.

Any shows you want to add to the list please feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments below.

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