Hello Autumn

Hello my lovelies,

Autumn is very much upon us, and October starts today, which can only mean one thing Halloween is nearly here yay! Below is a list of all things I love about autumn.


Yes autumn colours, burnt orange, mustard yellow, deep reds and browns. I also love big jumpers, thick and woollen. There's nothing better on a cold night snuggled up on the sofa under a blanket with slippers and a big jumper on, maybe a hot drink and either reading or watching tv. Pure heaven. Speaking of Tv.


As soon as autumn arrives American Horror Story (and a bunch of other shows) start. Now if it wasn't for my sister I wouldn't be watching this. I missed the first Season (Murder House) as it didn't really appeal to me, but my sisters constant asking of if I had seen it made me curious. So season two (Asylum) I started to watch it and yes I got hooked. Although when season four (Freak Show) started I only watched a few episodes as I didn't really like it. My fave seasons were Coven and Hotel. The new season (My Roanoke Nightmare) is a bit strange as they have made it into a sort of documentary. In a way it's good as you get an insight into the characters mindset and feelings about what is going on and happening to them. If you haven't seen it, I suggest you start with season one as all the seasons link some how. 


Another thing I love about autumn is the smells and tastes like pumpkin spice and the smell of pies baking. I love eating cinnamon swirl pastries. Going back to pumpkin spice, I love the Starbucks lattes, just like the eggnog drinks they do in winter, more on that next season.

Conkers, let's be honest who here hasn't collected them, either because they are shiny or with the intention to have a conkers war? I know I did, and I still love looking at them when they've fallen off the trees. I remember when I collected them on the way to and from school, I would put them in a bag and that bag would go under my bed as soon as I got home. There they would stay, going old, shrivelled and mouldy. It used to annoy my mum as she wouldn't know until they started to smell. Let's be clear on one thing, I was in middle school about year 4-7. I didn't know that things went horrible and mouldy.


Finally, Halloween. You can't tell me that you don't love Halloween - unless it's against any religion you follow and I'm ok with that - I personally haven't properly celebrated it, not like they do over in America where the house is decorated. Yes I've dressed up for school discos, no I haven't gone trick or treating. Growing up we used to get loads of trick or treaters and I loved seeing all the kids dressed up and I still do, especially those going trick or treating for the first time they are so cute and sweet. Also I love watching Halloween films such as Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas, yes it has a Christmas theme, but it also has a Halloween theme as well so you can't watch it at both times of the year. Hell, (no pun intended), you can watch it all year round.

So there you have it a few of my favourite autumn things, this month I will try my best to do a sort of Halloween blogmas type theme. Stay tuned and I hope you enjoy.


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