Blogmas Day 10/11

Hello my lovelies,
Again I'm combining two days I really need to catch up it will be the 13th tomorrow and I still haven't done tonights one. Anyways let's go back in time to the 10th. Today I had my shoot and it was amazing, I forgot how confident I felt when dressed up. Like I said yesterday I opted against the typical sexy Santa gear. Nicole had some French knickers, stocking, a corset and two robes a red and white one with ostrich feathers. I went for the corset which was a maroon purple colour and she also had some French knickers to match. Now seen as they weren't mine I wore my own normal knickers underneath (all about hygiene). Before I got into the outfit or even hair and make up Nicole and I sat down with a cup of tea and had a good old chin wag to catch up.
Once that was done Nicole done my hair by putting it in heated curlers, she then set about getting my make up done whilst the curlers were cooling. Once all done she took the roller out and styled the hair by gently brushing out the curls and back combing then spraying tons of hairspray on. Once that was done I put the suspender belt on and then Nicole helped with the stockings as they had a seam going up the back which needed to be straight and she also done the clips up at the back as well. I then got into the rest of the outfit and again Nicole helped with tying the corset up. She then vanished to get some accessories, which were a gorgeous necklace and earring set and a sheer black night robe. I looked at myself in the mirror and just felt like crying, not because I though I looked hideous, far from it I actually thought (and I know this may come across as big headed) but I actually thought wow I look beautiful and I think it was that boost that gave me confidence to do the shoot.
I got asked to stand and do a pose looking away from the camera, then Nicole said I'll put the wind fan on you might get a bit cold lol. Oh she also draped me in gold tinsel to add the Christmas element to it. We did some more shoots and she said I looked simply gorgeous like a goddess which isn't fair as no one is allowed to be gorgeous except her. Now you're probably thinking how vain, but it's not it helps boost your confidence trust me. I lack so much self confidence it annoys those around me. Nicole, however gave me a boost and I just know these pictures will come out fantastic, even if I am at my biggest weight I don't really care, she knows all the right poses to use to slim down areas you hate and I'm not saying photoshop. The only thing photoshopped in the pictures will be the background.
I will post a picture of my make up tomorrow I did take one before I removed it all so you can see how I looked and when the final result is in I will post it up as well. So to say I had a fantastic time is an understatement, and I should hope I had a fantastic time because it took four hours well three if you minus the hour it took just talking lol.

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