Blogmas Day 12

Hello lovelies! 
Welcome to day 12 ♥ Sorry for a late post, but the week has been crazy. So, I will be uploading the posts 13 -17 very close to each other. It will be better after tomorrow, I promise. Today's post - Pretend we are still on the 12th December people - is a quick one about things I love about Christmas. See my list below:

Things I love about Christmas
♥ Christmas decorations ♥
♥ Especially the tree ♥
♥ Christmas themed drinks ♥
♥ All the food ♥
♥ Making all the food ♥
♥ Spending time with family ♥
♥ Christmas movies ♥
♥ Christmas songs ♥
♥ Christmas candies ♥
♥ Snow! ♥
♥ Christmas lights ♥
♥ Lots of Christmas lights ♥
♥ Christmas scented candles ♥
♥ Getting presents for people ♥
♥ Wrapping the gifts ♥
♥ Seeing people's face when they open them ♥
♥ Gingerbread ♥
♥ Gingerbread everything ♥
♥ Chocolate ♥
♥ People having holiday spirit ♥
♥ Christmas nails ♥
♥ Ugly sweaters ♥
♥ Waiting for the big day ♥
♥ Seeing people do vlogmas, blogmas and so on ♥
♥ Hot chocolate ♥
♥ Candy cane everything ♥

That's my list of Christmas favorites, what's yours? Let me know in the comments below!

Tomorrow I'll have quite a day at work, followed by a nice little double date with my cousin and her man. I will take my camera with me and hopefully that will make into a nice post (or even a video). A new post will be up in 12 hours and tomorrow's official one in little under 24 hours. I know it's quite much of spamming but bear with me this one time, I'll calm down after tomorrow. Also remember to follow me on social media where I post fun stuff daily! See you in the next post!
Have a lovely day ♥

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