Blogmas Day 13

Hello my lovelies,
Welcome to day 13 of Blogmas. My sleeping pattern differs each and every day, especially around this time of year as I am too excited! Sometimes I wake up groggy and other times I can bounce out of bed feeling on top of the world, so how is it possible to bounce out of bed every morning? - It could be possible if we take our sleep seriously. We all abandon our sleep for the enjoyment of Netflix marathons or to endlessly scroll through our social media or whatever we chose to do other than sleep. However, sleeping any later than 10pm could cause many issues with depression being one of the worst results of not gaining a healthy sleeping routine.  Here's a bunch of tips on how to help you become tired, stay asleep and wake up feeling revived. 

If you're most likely to sit up in bed watching TV before you sleep, odds are you'll keep on flicking through and be up later than you hoped. Reading however, is peaceful and relaxing and gets your eyes really tired. Reading one chapter or two a night is all it takes to prepare you for a better nights sleep. Escaping into a book is just as good as watching TV, only there's no flickering lights to keep you awake and alert like with a TV. Switch off and open up a book and see a difference in your sleeping patterns. You're sure to feel the benefits almost immediately - okay maybe not immediately but just trial run it and see. Even if you don't like books, maybe try a magazine? 
We sleep for a lot of hours without any fluids which means we become dehydrated in the night. It is important to drink one pint of water half an hour before you sleep and drink one pint when you wake up. Your body needs water to hydrate itself and allow you to have energy for the day ahead. Caffeine may be nice to indulge on but before bed it will only keep you awake, especially coffee! Start the night and day off right with a refreshing glass of water - If you dislike the taste of water, then maybe infuse it with some calming fruits and herbs. 
Lavender is proven to help you de-stress and sleep better as studies have shown in the past. I recommend burning a lavender scented candle for one hour before you sleep, to help you prepare for a better nights sleep. We all need a little 'me' time now and then, so maybe reading a book by candle light would be the perfect 'killing two birds with one stone' scenario - You'll be de-stressing and becoming tired in no time. 
Pillow Spray
Pillow Mists are great to help you sleep better at night. If you toss and turn at night, have a lot of bad dreams or wake up frequently checking the time, these spritz's can help you to relax and give you a nights sleep without distractions. 
Neom Organics Perfect Night's Sleep Pillow Mist: A combination of lavender, sweet basil and jasmine to aid a better night's sleep. £20 buy here.
This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Talk: A dream team of products to help you sleep sweet. A pillow spray with hints of lavender and vetivert and a 'Stress Less' roll on inhaler to help clear your head so you can sleep deeply. £22 buy here.
Ragdale Hall Spa Pillow & Body Mist: A Lavender scented mist to spritz over your face/pillow and body to help de-stress your head, eyes and muscles and give you a better night's sleep. £5 Buy here.
I find that keeping a diary/journal by your bedside is essential. You can write down what's on your mind. Sometimes getting things out of your head and onto paper can help you to completely de-stress and sleep away without having nightmares or terrors over things that are worrying you. Even if the day you've had has been a positive day full of happy memories, writing it down will leave you in a good mood and you'll be going to bed with happy thoughts reminiscing all of the good in your life. 
A tidy bedroom that contains no clutter could also help you rest better. A cluttered home is a cluttered mind after all. Although my room at the moment is a mess. 
Also changing your bedding regularly and using lavender, Jasmine or cotton fresh conditioners to wash your sheets could give you a healthier sleep at night. You simply can't beat the feeling of jumping into a fresh bed. 
Herbal Tea
Even herbal tea can bring out the best in our sleep/night time routine. Especially camomile and honey, when I feel really stressed or even ill I drink camomile and honey as it is soothing and the honey is so beneficial to a sore throat and camomile helps to relax a busy mind and gets you all ready for a good night sleep.
I hope these tips help! 
Thanks for reading, 

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