Blogmas Day 4- is Father Christmas real?

Hello my lovelies and welcome to a belated Blogmas Day four. Now when I was thinking of a post I couldn't think of one, then an idea that no one has really posted in my head. Is Father Christmas - or Santa as some say - real? I don't want to upset some who still believe as I like to believe he is just to keep the spirit of Christmas alive, but alas, deep down I know this not to be true. So my question is where were you when you first found out he wasn't real? 
I can't honestly remember I think I came to the conclusion myself when we stopped putting milk and cookies out for him and stopped going to see "him" in "his" grotto. 
I do have memories of when I was younger and my parents trying to show us he was real, one Christmas I remember my parents waking me and my sister up and telling us Father Christmas was here. We went into their room and on the ceiling was the shine of a tourch. Nowhere in the room did I see a tourch so I don't know how they managed that, even to this day it remains a mystery. Another xmas I remember being woken by my parents again and hearing bells, sleigh bells and again I don't know how they did that.
So there is my memories of being told Father Christmas was real and the way I found out he wasn't, even though I like to think he still does. 
When did you find out he wasn't real?

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