Blogmas Day 5 - Christmas Tag

20 Sleeps Till Christmas

Hello my lovelies,

"Christmas time mistletoe and wine. Children singing Christian rhyme." Sorry about that.... I love this song so much! Anyways let's get on with the tag shall we. What is your favourite Christmas Song?   This is a tough one... I Love most Christmas songs especially the oldies like White Christmas, Deck The Halls, the Little Boy that Santa Clause forgot. But I also like new ones like The Darkness Christmas Time Dont Let The Bells End. At the moment I'm listening to Lasy Antebellums Christmas Album. I love country music so country and Christmas mixed is top for me What is your favourite Christmas drink? I am a huge fan of Starbucks Eggnog latte which I can blame my sister for getting me to drink last year and now I have to have it at Christmas. I also liked Costas Creme brûlée latte and their gingerbread latte. What is your favourite Christmas film? I am afraid I cannot pick just one as I love pretty much every Christmas film; except A Christmas Carol both the muppet version and Jim Carey version. Yet I also like Its a Wonderful life. It's not Christmas unless I've seen those films. What is at the top of your Christmas wish list? i haven't made a Christmas list to be honest, but I know I want any Marvel DVD, make up, The Happiness Planner.  What is your favourite festive makeup or nail art look? I know this is a classic look, but i love red nails with gold glitter. I don't think it gets more festive than that really! What is your favourite Christmas outfit? (LBD, Jumpers, PJ's?) I don't really get dressed on Christmas Day unless I'm going somewhere which is rare, but for work does I like a classic vintage inspired dress, last year I wore a red and black polka dot swing dress from Lindy Bop really beautiful. Even after I spilt cola down it as soon as I got to the venue. 
 Would you rather play out in the snow or enjoy it from the inside by the fire with a cuppa? The fact this involves a cuppa, I am staying inside. I love watching the snow from the warmth of my house, but I am not a huge fan of playing outside in it anymore unless I'm taking my dogs for a walk. Wrapping presents- love or loathe? Without a doubt, I love wrapping presents. I think wrapping paper is so cute and I love decorating the present with ribbon and bows after I have wrapped it. It feels nice giving someone a present knowing you have taken the time to make it look all pretty with the wrapping paper. What is your favourite Christmasy food? Stuffing and pigs in blankets All the way! I don't know what it is but there is something about stuffing that just tickles my taste buds and I love it so much. I would eat it everyday if i could. But Christmas stuffing is by far the best! What is your favourite thing about Christmas? Spending time with my family. I don't have a big family and what family I do have is spread between my home town of Milton Keynes and Bristol, so it is hard to meet regularly. I also love the decorations, I love seeing all the sparkly lights that neighbours have hung outside and just walking round the streets walking my dogs seeing all the displays.

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