Cruelty Free Beauty Products

Hello lovelies,
So apologies that I haven't posted since December, I've been very busy both work wise and personal life wise. A Happy Mothers Day to all the mums out there, have a fantastic day. Now all that is done onto the topic at hand, cruelty free beauty products. Now we all love make up, well I hope we all do I mean why else would you be reading a beauty blog, anyways for many years I have been using the same products and I was shocked when I found out that some of my favourite brands test on animals. Now in this day and age there are ways to test products and not have animals involve. So why is it that they still do? I don't know about you, but so far I don't know the answer. I do know that from now on I will be trying my hardest to find some cruelty free products to use. I do use some products like Urban Decay who thankfully don't test on animals, even though their parent company L'Oreal. Below is a list of companies that do test and a list that don't test on animals. 
I would like to add that Clarins (which I love) does unfortunately test or allows someone else to test on animals for them. Now when I saw this list and other lists I was so bummed, that so many companies that I buy stuff from test on animals. I am in the process of redoing my beauty products so that most, if not all are cruelty free. I am also shocked to know that there is an animal testing facility just opened up either in or near Hull, that tests on beagles. This not only shocked me that such sweet and innocent animals are subjected to daily torture, just so that we humans can put stuff on us that would hurt us. But also because I have a beagle myself and I can't even begin to imagine ever hurting her like that.
Now I know some people will think oh they are just animals they don't feel anything, but they do. So I ask all those that are ok with animal testing, which I hope is hardly anyone, to put yourself in the animals position (not just a beagles, but a mouse, a chimp, a rabbit). How would you feel if you had daily injections, cream put in your eyes, or stuff sprayed on you? These things make them go blind, cause reaction on their skin that causes the fur to fall out and leasions to occur. I would hate that, so why are we subjecting these animals to it. Now I know some are thinking oh god here we go another fanatic, and I don't care we are all entitled to our opinion and mine is we should speak out for the animals cus they can't do it themselves. So please I say to you, if you care for animals and hate animal testing then please change the products that you use.
I will keep this page updated with new information as and when I get it. I will also post links to my favourite products in an up and coming blog.


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