Hello my lovelies,   So a lot has changed with me and a lot hasn't changed if that makes sense. Ive turned 30, said goodbye to my year 11 students, went to an old school friends surprise hen do, started an allotment with mum, and starting reading more. I've even set myself a reading challenge of 25/30 books in a year, (it was originally 50, but I started the challenge properly in April so didn't see it as achieveable. I've also dieting again, I've got my year 11 students prom to go to and a wedding reception and I dont really want to be the size of an elephant ha! I will be doing longer posts on each of the above mentioned, I've just had lots going on. I know that is not an excuse, but it's true. I will update more, I've got a new planner thanks to my sister, but more on that in my birthday blog which will be up soon. Also you may not have seen on my instagram my latest post about mental health again a post will be put up in the coming week. I will have loads of posts coming over the coming weeks, so you have been warned. Until then though my lovelies, have a good weekend and lets hope the rain stops.

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