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Yes its that time of year again, schools are either out for summer or if you're like me then your school probably has a week left. Now this week I know the students will not want to do any work and so all the teachers will have movies and games planned. But is that really helping them? From what I can remember of my school years is we never had movies and games constantly in the last week. Yes some lessons we would, but they would be linked with what we are studying. Don't get me wrong, I love going into a lesson to support a student to find that they are watching either Disney or Pixar films, I mean who wouldn't love that. Yet, when they are learning about Jekyll and Hyde and they watch Toy Story on the last few lessons it kinda needs a lot of explain to the Headteacher if he walked in.
Anyways, enough about that. I am very pleased to announce that this summer I will mostly be doing my allotment. A lot is still needed to be done before we actually grow anything. Saying that though we did have loads of cherries which the birds decided to eat. Raspberries, Strawberries, Rhubarb. All three went into a crumble and it was delish. Also made raspberry and strawberry jam with my mum. That was fun, we made 10lbs worth of jam again it was delish, a bit sweet, but lovely on muffins and toast.
Last weekend I went to Afternoon tea with my mum, sister and brother in law at Dobbies Garden Centre. I tried clotted cream for the first time and O.M.G it was lovely. My sister couldn't understand how I hadn't tried it before. After the tea we went round Dobbies our Tea was at half 2 we left the store when it was closing at around half 5. It was a lovely hot sunny day, so I didn't mind being out of the house. Plus I really enjoyed myself. Got to spend some time with my sister and brother in law, which even though they have moved to MK I don't really go round theirs as much as I should do, that will change in the Summer hols. 
I also have planned some cleaning, shopping (therapy I swear), also I am doing a diploma in SEN teaching, well five diplomas. One in SEN, one in TA, the others are in Autism, Dyslexia and ADHD. I thought I am a Teaching Assistant and I would like to know more about conditions of students that I work with. So I spoke to my line manager and showed her the course and she was like I think it is a good idea, call it Professional Development. Which in a way it is, so why the hell not. 
I'm looking forward to the summer, although I'm not going away for holiday (hopefully do that in the future), it will be a semi relaxing 6 weeks off. I find working on the allotment relaxing even though I'm working hard and end up aching the day after. I also plan to lose a lot of weight. Now I don't normally say this out loud or on the blog, but I'm obese, people I have said it to have disagreed with me, but I am nearly 15 stone and 5ft 5. I am 100% obese and I know I need to do something about it. I didn't realise how big I had got until I went to my year 11 students prom a few weeks back. I had to wear a size 18 dress and when I saw the picture of me and my student I just couldn't believe it. I had to fight back the tears, but she knows me all to well and told me it is ok I look beautiful no matter what. I could have hugged her, but I had to keep it professional. So this summer I will be pounding the treadmill that is sitting in the Kitchen and being used as a clothes holder and hopefully come September I will be back to being closer to 12/13 stone. Hopefully 12 stone. I will also be posting all my other posts that I have planned out on paper (really should post them as and when I think of them, but hey ho live and learn). 
Oh I will also be going to the MK bloggers summer meet up this year. I was invited to the Christmas one, but wasn't feeling up to it at the time. But this one, I will go to even if I have to slap on a smile. So in preparation for the meet I have finally ordered my Blog business cards. Hopefully they will be here in time.
Let me know your summertime plans in the comments of tweet me them @RoseVintagechic and use the hashtag Summertime2017.

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