Hello my lovelies,
Once again I am so very sorry for not updating. It is November, well mid way through, and I haven’t updated since end of July. So what has happened in those months I have been AWOL? Well I have completed 5 online courses all related to my job as a TA. I have had a seizure on Halloween, which resulted in a mirror being smashed and myself laying in the broken shards of it without even realising. Thankfully I only ended up with a bruise and three scratches, no deep cuts, but my parents said that they did nearly call an ambulance due to it lasting nearly five minutes.
I started my fourth year in my current job, it is still enjoyable. However, since my regular students left I have felt lost without them and it has been weird not knowing what student I will end up with during the day. I have an allotment with my mum, we have had it over a year and we sort of messed up when clearing it for the first time. It is a big plot, and we decided to clear it all in one go...big mistake. We were weeding every time we went over there. Thankfully though, we have weeded the main part of it and covered it to stop weeds coming back, cut back the berry bushes and harvest all the rhubarb. We now have the paths and strawberry patch to weed and we will be ready to plant in the new year.     
      Soon be breaking up for Christmas and I need to do my Christmas shopping. I also need to do all the blog posts I had planned to do months ago like my 30 birthday post, which should have been posted in April, but it slipped my mind. I will be doing Blogmas again and I promise to keep on top of it this year. I will do all my posts the night before so I can just click publish the following day. I will also make it a resolution to keep on top of my blog next year. My sister gave me a personalised blog notebook for my birthday and I love it so much I haven’t used it yet. So I will be doing it all next year. I have updated the design of the blog and finally got blog cards (business cards) so that when I go to blog meets I can take those with me. I also plan to do vlogs next year, so be warned.   
But other than all that and having a chest infection and laryngitis, not much has happened to me since the summer holidays. So not really much to report, but I thought I would do a post seen as I hadn’t posted in what felt like an eternity. So until next time my lovelies.   Bye

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