Topshop Highlighter

Hello my lovelies, 

Today I thought I would review the topshop highlighter. Now I'm not normally one who wears highlighter, but I thought I would try this out and I love it since buying it I haven't not worn it when going out. It is a lovely colour and it gives a slight shimmer. I normally wear it under my eyebrows and on the top of the apples of my cheeks. It defiantly draws attention away from my double chin and to my eyes.

The packaging is really simple yet stylish. I love how the drawing on the box matches the actual highlighter palette. 

 Although it looks yellow it actually doesn't come up on skin like that. It just looks like shimmer or sparkling of the skin whenever it catches the light.

Have you used any topshop products? Do you like their products?



Expiration Date on Make Up.

Hello my Lovelies, How are you all doing on this cold miserable morning? Now the other day I decided to sort through my make up. I mean I'm buying new make up nearly every other week thanks to this blog and reading other amazing blogs. In the process I neglect other products I have been loyal to over the years and some got back years and I mean years. Some are that old they have crumbled yet are still useable. Yet, make up like food has expiration dates on it, yep make up goes out of date. To check you need to look at the label and the number in the little make up boz that says like 24 or 12 is telling you how many months you can use it for. So here is a run down of all products and their use by dates.

 I was shocked when I sorted through mine and found some dating back over 10 years. My mum has make up dating back to the 80s. I am going to have to sit down with her and make her throw all the old junk away. God only knows how much bacteria is on it. No I'm not one of those people who hates germs I just don't like knowing that my make up and my mums make up has a build up of bacteria and yet we still use it on our faces. It's like brushes I have to start cleaning them more often than I do and also make my mum clean hers.

So do you know how long you've had your make up for?



ELF Haul Part 2

Hello my lovelies.

As promised here is part two of my ELF collection. Now I have since found out that ELF have opened up a store in Cardiff. I'm quite far away on the other side of ENgland in fact. However, that won't stop me making a trip there one day. Anywho on to the haul as you can see I got quite a bit again, £60 worth for £30 I do love a bargain.

I got some more brushes (smudge brush, blending brush, smudge eye sponge, eyeliner brush, blending brush, eyelash and brow wand, lip defining brush) a pack of three nail varnish, mineral face primer, brush shampoo, zit zapper, cuticle pen, lip balm, eye widener and shimmer eyeliner pencil.

Some more brushes (flawless concealer, brow and lash comb, defining eye brush and another one I can't remember what.) Bronzer, two eyeshadows, clear mascara, tone correcting concealer, nail polish, concealer, all over cover stick, tinted moisturizer. 

Lip exfoliator, glitter lip gloss

Again I will do individual reviews on the products as and when I use them.



E.L.F Haul Part One.

Hello my beautiful lovely dolls, after months and months of holding back and just looking at the ELF website I decided to buy some stuff I had my eye on. I decided to buy some stuff when they had a sale on and managed to get £20 worth of free stuff on top of what I spent so in total i got £50 worth of make up for £30 (spent that much because I got free delivery if I spent over £30). So what did I get? Well take a look.

HD Powder, Make up Setting Spray, Radiance Enhancer.

Lip Gloss, Primer Eyeshadow, Shine Eraser and Setting Powder for under the eyes.

Some Brushes (concealer, crease and contour) and Toe separators.

Corrective Concealer and Complete Coverage Concealer

Some eyeshadow and Lipgloss

Some Nail Varnish 

I will do separate reviews on each of these. Plus since buying these ELF had another Sale 50% off and yes I just had to buy more stuff. I will do a part 2 for all my new stuff once it arrives.

Have you got any ELF stuff? Do you like their products?



Kelly Brook Make Up Haul

So as you can see I have quite a bit of beauty products from Kelly Brook. You can find these products at your local New a look shop. I quite like the products, I'm actually out of the mascara and one of the nail polishes. Plus I have since got more products on the way as I type this post.

I know it's a short post, but I will be doing reviews of some of the products. I would love to hear if any of you have brought any of the Kelly Brook beauty products!


Real Techniques Miracle Sponge

Hello my beautiful lovely dolls, 

I have finally managed to get my hands on one of these lovely little sponges. Now most of you will probably have already heard of them, some may have already got one. For me it took months of finding and finally during a little Christmas (yes I said the C word) shopping in Boots with my lovely mama I finally picked one up. I have only used it once and I did the cardinal sin. I used it dry *gasp* now the reason I did this was to see how my foundation went on and I must say the sponge soaked up most of the foundation so I ended up using the Real Technique Stippling brush instead.

It's a lovely little sponge, from pictures I have seen I thought it was going to be a bigger sponge, but it sits comfortably in my small hand lol. I will try it damp, not wet wet (wet), but damp. I have tried a cosmopolitan sponge but didn't like the finish it gave me. I used it damp and it still soaked up the foundation so I am hoping this sponge is different.

 As you can see from the pictures it has different surfaces and the flat surface is the one I used to do the main areas of my face and the ends I used to get into the corners of my nose and under my eyes. Areas that I can't get to properly with a brush and I don't like using my fingers to put my foundation or concealer on as I find it unhygienic even if they have been washed I still don't like it.

Overall I think this is a good little addition to my ever growing make up box and brush collection. Can not wait to use it how you are suppose to lol.

Have you got a miracle sponge? What are you opinions on it?
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