Primark Haul

Hello my beautiful lovely dolls, now before christmas- yes I know bit late in posting but was so busy- I went to primark with my mum. Now I was only going to browse as it was getting close to christmas and didn't want to get anything in case my parents were stuck on things to get me. However, when I see things my mum always goes if you want get it, it's your money. So that's what I ended up doing, so what did I get? I hear you ask, well just take a look below.

This jumper is soooooo comfty I just love it.

I wore this dress to a mates birthday and to a New Years Eve party. Got loads of complements. 

Love wearing this, when going down the street at night my shadow looks like a teddy bear.

Had to get christmas socks just for the fun of it.

So there you have it, it's not a lot and there were other stuff I wanted to buy, but I thought I would leave those and just drop hints at them for my mum.
What do you think?


January fresh start

Hello my lovely beautiful dolls,

As it is January it means a new year, fresh start, new opportunities, new adventures, meeting new people, forgetting past mistakes and learning from them! It is also for making resolutions that we try to stick to and accomplish, but if you are like me, they will be broken with in a few weeks! However, this year I have more will power than before (I hope). 

This year I plan to do the following:
  • Lose at least a stone before my birthday in April.
  • Blog more at least 3 times a week.
  • Build up my confidence. (since becoming unemployed it has just dropped).
  • Finish writing my film script.
  • Socialise more.
  • Get rid of junk as soon as I don't need it.
  • Go on Blogger meets.
  • Sort through old make up and get rid of out of date or make up I don't use anymore. 
  • Sort out my skin care regime properly.
  • Have a make under.
  • Have either a Mac of Benefit experience.
It's a short list I know, but I did have it written down somewhere and for the life of me I can't find it. So once I have I will update this post.

Do any of you have "resolutions" or goals for this year? Do you think "resolutions" are stupid as most don't stick to them? I would love to hear your thoughts!


Christmas presents

Hello my lovely beautiful dolls,

It's a bit late, but I've been busy. Since reading other blogs I have always been interested in what others get for Xmas. It's always nice to see that people get lovely gifts. So without further adieu here is what I received for Xmas.

Cake decorating turntable, cake making and decorating books and cupcake cookbook and baking tray.
Supernatural DVDs, HMV voucher, Jimmy Choo and Steps Perfume  
Nail files, tweezers and diary from my sister and brother in law as little stocking fillers.
Three Lush sets, 'Ho Ho Ho' and 'Sweetest Thing' are from mates and the 'Rosie' one is from my sister.

I've got two hobbies as of late, one is cake making and the other is growing my own fruit and veg. So my parents got me this little growing pot and book. 

The most adorable slippers I have ever seen. They are comfty to boot too.

More cake making stuff. A set of 3 measuring cups and a little egg timer in the shape of a mixer and storage tins from my parents and a cupcake book from my friend. The sweetst thing is they are from a collection calle 'Rosie's Pantry' which is exclusive to Boots.

More cake stuff a lovely little apron and tea towel set and some cake moulds.

I also got two pj sets from my nan and grandad one was a Minnie Mouse set and the other a piglet set both from primark and a polar bear onsie from my parents, however I have worn them already before I took a picture. I will take a picture before I next wear them though.

So there you have it my Xmas presents I hope you enjoyed. Would love to hear what you got!



Happy New Year

Hello my lovely beautiful dolls,

Yes we have come to the end of another year, but fear not this is not the end! Every end has a new beginning and so my I wish you all a very happy new year!

That's correct, only you can make 2014 awesome! As it's a new year it means a fresh start and as so this blog will under go a change in appearance and I plan to write more posts! I've tended to slack a bit this year as most of it has been a troublesome time personally! 

I have more resolutions and that will be covered in another post! Once more a very happy new year hope you all had a wonderful NYE whatever you did! 

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