Blogging for beginners

You may be tossing around the idea of starting a blog but are intimidated by all of the blogs out there. Or you might be wondering what type of content your blog would have and if it would be relevant or interesting. If you're reading this blog today you already have the first step to getting there; interest. Blogging is a great outlet for a diverse group of people and a way to share with the community their new craft or a new item they thrifted; whatever your interest may be, starting a blog is easier than you might think.

Blog Content

The most important element of blogging is your content. Before you jump on the internet and secure a blog name and start designing it, you should think about what you will be writing about. Do you like to read and want to share your thoughts about books in your collection or notes from book club meetings? Are you a photographer who wants to share the stories behind your lens? Or do you want to write about your every day life? Most blogs fall into certain blog categories pertaining to their content. The most popular ones include Lifestyle, Photography, DIY/Crafts, Family, Fashion, and Personal. A great way to establish what type of category you might fall under is to write out your thoughts and see if any of those categories {or any other} compliment your content. Finding your niche in the community of blogging will help you in other areas later on {which we will discuss later}. You'll also want to research other blogs that have similar interests to make sure that your content is original, unique, and you. Yes, there are tons of blogs out there that are DIY/Craft or Lifestyle; whatever the category there is bound to be similar content. It's okay. But the best rule of thumb when writing is to make sure that at least 60% of the content is your own. Meaning, it is unique to you. One way to do that is to bring a little bit of your personal elements into the post, even if you don't normally share personal content. It's original to you and no one else can copy that. Remember; we want you to blog and be you at the same time!

Choosing a Name

Naming your blog can be very difficult. You'll want to make sure that what you choose not only compliments your content, but is a name that will grow with you as your blog grows. When Heidi & I started our first blogs we both had different names. I was even on an entirely different platform! So far in to blogging we both realized we jumped the gun on a name and found it didn't grow with our blogs. Switching was daunting and difficult at first, but luckily we had a steady group of readers who followed right along on our journey. But it's a process that you want to avoid, no matter how many people follow you or not. 
You'll want to choose a name that goes hand in hand with what you'll be writing about. Are you a crafter wanting to share your projects? You could play off of the tools you use or projects you make. Or are you a fashionista with a certain style that you could play off of as well? Make sure that whatever you choose, it is your own. You'll want to put in a quick Google search to make sure no one else has that name or something very similar. Even if it isn't the exact same, if most of the name is similar it will confuse readers who may be talking about your blog, but refer to the other by mistake and visa versa. You'll also want to make sure that you keep your name short & sweet. You want your readers to be able to remember your name so they can easily type it in a search engine or physically type out your URL.  Keeping it short & sweet will benefit your blog in the long run in many ways. 

Choosing a Platform

There are many platforms out there to choose from. Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad, Tumblr to name a few. 
Blogger seems to be the most popular and is an easy and free platform to use. It offers simple templates and navigation that is easily customizable as well. You can link it to your Google account which is also a bonus if a lot of blogs you follow are through Google Friend Connect. It's the best way to keep up to date on everyone else's blogs that you follow as well as making it easier for people to follow you, too. Its easy coding and template designer makes customizing a breeze, even for the non-coder. Also, if using a third party designer for your blog {which we will touch on next}, most prefer Blogger for these reasons alone, which keeps the cost down when paying for a design. It is one that I use {now} and Heidi as well. In fact, most of the contributors of this blog {and this blog included} are on the Blogger platform!
Wordpress is another popular platform. Though not as easy and customizable as Blogger because it is not self-hosted, but for a fee you can have a self-hosted blog that can be customized to your preference. If you're a basic blogger, Wordpress may not be your best choice. I switched from Wordpress to Blogger because it wasn't allowing me to be as involved as I wanted to be with my readers. You can't use GFC {Google Friend Connect}, host linky parties as easily, run a giveaway using Raffelcopter {Java Script is disabled on Wordpress unless it's self-hosted}, or have a 'grab my button' box under your blog ad. All of those elements were important to me so I made the switch. Like I said; if design and customization are important to you wanting to start a blog {which it should be}, Wordpress is not for you unless you pay to self-host.
Typepad is a great platform and is very basic like Blogger, but there is a fee to pay each month. With that fee you get designs to choose from, domain mapping, support, storage, and more; depending on which plan you choose. I don't know many bloggers who use this platform and I can't recall anyone saying anything bad about it, but they have a free 14 day trial. You could try it out and see if it is a fit for you and always cancel your trial if it doesn't work out.
Tumblr is very popular in the fashion, photography, and personal corner of blogging. J Crew actually uses Tumblr as their platform for blogging! It is really a community within its self, making it easy to share other people's posts, photos, content, etc with other Tumblr users. The only peeve I have about Tumblr is that if you want to follow a Tumblr blog {or you want someone to follow you} you have to have a Tumblr account. To me, that's just an inconvenience. But it is the simplest of platforms and a great one to choose if you fall within those categories or of the like.


Now that you have your content, a name, and have chosen a platform it's time for design. No matter the platform you choose, you will have some sort of design available to you. I personally feel, though, that design is one of the most important elements in blogging next to content and that if you plan to be a serious blogger, paying a fee to get one is a piece of cake. 
When you land on someone's blog, whats the first thing you see? Their header. If you don't want to pay for a full design, paying for a header is something you might want to consider. Whether you design one yourself or pay someone to do it, keep it within the vision of your blog. Keep your content in mind and go from there. Bloggers do not want to click on a blog to see neon backgrounds against harsh colored text so keeping it light, simple, and easy to read will bring a reader back and most likely will become a follower. It's sort of like choosing a book at the bookstore or library. What do we look at first? The cover. Sadly we all judge a book by its cover and much do bloggers when it comes to blog design. But it is important. 
You'll also want to keep your sidebar{s} uncluttered. There is nothing more that I can't stand than to see a sidebar filled up with how many awards they've received, what blog hops they're participating in on top of their category lists and blog ads, and blog series they have. Utilize the 'pages' aspect of your platform and save the sidebar for your 'about me', social networking buttons, blog advertisers/sponsors, and one or two key elements of your blog. Everything else can go in a page. 
If you can't afford or don't want to invest in a design, there are templates you can use that are set up for you on each platform. Blogger gives you a little more leeway with being able to customize a template they already have, while Wordpress has loads of templates to choose from that are super cute and cool from the start, but are less customizable. 
No matter which way you go, you want to make sure that the design of the blog representsyou. 

Start Blogging!

Ok so you have a name, a platform, and a design; it's time to publish that content we were talking about. Think about a first post you want to write. Do you want to do an introductory post welcoming people to your blog, giving them an insight on what to expect? Or do you want to just post out of the gate on that awesome thrift shop find you scored? Whatever the first post is, make it to the point and make it you. 
When you're first starting to blog, don't worry about trying to make a name for yourself right away. If this is your first blog, your content and vision may grow so as you blog more and more you'll be able to find that voice. One of the biggest tips I can offer is remembering why you wanted to blog in the first place. Even if your intention is to share with the community your life {whether personal or professional or everything in between}, you're still blogging for you. Over time everything else will form organically and you'll be able to find a rhythm to it all. 
Keeping with the rule of making the content your own, if you do find inspiration in other peoples posts or photos that are worth sharing, it is important to always source back. You don't want people stealing content from you, so please don't steal content from others claiming it to be your own. Blogging is a community of people trying to inspire, support, and lift up one another. We don't want it to become a vicious pool of drama as you'd see in the halls in high school. And if you're taking other peoples post and claiming it as your own, thats going against everything we are trying to share here; the whole reason behind this blog and why you are here, reading it.


Once you've hit publish on your first post, share it. If you're on Facebook, let your friends know you've started a blog. Link them to your post or tweet about it. If you plan to have lots of images in your post, you could create a board on Pinterest for your blog and pin your images to your board. Let you friends know on IG that you started a blog. Let everyone know! Sharing your posts with people that you interact with on a daily basis will be happy to share what you've written too, which makes people want to come and visit your blog to see what you're all about. Don't be discouraged if you only have a few views the first few times you publish. The more you write and the more you share, the more out there your blog will get. It takes time, but trust us; not very much time if you know how to share yourself.

30 ways to save £1

image from weheartit

Moneysupermarket are holding a little incentive to get bloggers thinking how they could save the pounds, that is how '30 ways to save £1' was born. I was quite excited to write up this post as recently I have become quite money savvy and managed to refrain from spending much at all! Here are my top tips for you..

1. Read magazines online! Admittedly not as good as flicking through the glossy pages, but the content is all there.

2. If you get a '5p per litre' off petrol, take advantage! It may not seem like much but if you're filling your tank it will take off a couple of pounds.

3. Always look for cheaper alternatives when buying food - sometimes those tesco value cookies are a better option to maryland and under half the price!

4. Review & post about things you already own, that way your blog is always full of content & you don't need to spend lots!

5. Withdraw some cash for a night out, that way you can't overspend on your card.
6. When you finish your latest book, go to the library and see whats on offer rather than spending a few pounds. Lets be honest, are you really going to read it more than once?
7. If you go shopping, park in a nearby road. That way you don't need to pay the fees for a multi-story.
8. Instead of using half the bottle of bubble bath so you're covered in bubbles, only use a little amount because it will go a lot further than you think. That way your favourite bubble bath will last a lot longer.
9. Instead of getting a takeaway with friends, all chip in and buy the equivelant in supermarkets food. Eg, indian ready meals in boxes 'for two' that are about £8 makes it cheaper than one portion if you ordered from your local!
10. Download a youtube converter for music rather than buying from iTunes
. Its not illegal and gives you the best music!
11. Sell old clothes on eBay, always a winner.
12. Shorten your shower or put less water in your bath, it will lower the water bill by a lot!
13. If you use MAC products, save any empties you have and trade them in for the lipstick you've been lusting after - easy way to save £14.
14. Only charge your laptop/phone when they are seriously low - its wasting the electricity and killing the battery if its constantly charging up.
15. When you're at college/uni/work make sure you take a packed lunch, don't buy food when you're out as it will cost you much more than a healthier lunch made at home.
16. Instead of buying furniture from the expensive shops, browse gumtree and eBay
 first because chances are, someones selling just what you need for incredibly cheap!
17. Cancel your gym membership and go for a run with friends.
18. Use your clubcard/advantage card/nectar card every time you shop at the right stores - those points all add up!
19. Save all of your coppers in a jar, they all add up!
20. Have a clothes swap party with your friends - fun & you can all find some gems from each others wardrobes.
21. Enter lots of giveaways - there are some really good ones floating around which have amazing prizes!
22. If you're a student, always ask about discounts because most shops offer at least 10%
23. Fill a flask with tea or coffee before going to college/uni/work, then you won't need to stop at Starbucks on route for your morning pick me up.
24. Always check out offers, sometimes 2 for £5 doesn't always make it that much cheaper if the product is already £3.50..
25. Get crafty. If you want some new clothes or home accessories see what can be done for a fraction of the price if you DIY it.
26. Switch off lights if you're not in the room.
27. When you get paid, work out your budget and any excess put into a savings account - then you'll feel bad for withdrawing it and spending.
28. If you are going a short distance, walk instead of driving! Saves petrol and increases fitness making you feel a lot better about yourself.
29. Have a car boot sale to get rid of old things you don't need, it may only make you 50p an item but its good fun and a garunteed money maker.
30. Dye your own hair rather than go to a salon. Same with your fringe/bangs cut them yourself. There are loads of tutorials on youtube showing you what to do.



New blog design

Yay the new design is up and I love it. Thank you to Stephanie Bramham for doing the beautiful design. If you would like a design go check out her blog Bonjour Belle. She works with you through the whole design until you are completely satisfied with it. She even installs it for you so for all who are quite that savvy in HTML or installing layouts, then don't worry. So what do you all think about the new design?



Why do you wear make up

I have seen this tag floating around on peoples blogs over the past few weeks and it seems to be spreading like wild fire. So here goes my answers.

When did you begin to love makeup?
Like many others I have forever been a girly girl. When I was a little girl I was obsessed with princesses, pink, glitter, Barbie's and spent my time dressing up, putting on fashion shows and baking mud pies. With this girliness came the love of makeup. I remember I used to play with my mums make up, then I would only wear it properly at Christmas parties or school discos and even then it was only mascara. I think the first time I properly wore a full face of make up was when I was 13. As I've gotten older I like to think my technique has improved.

How do you feel without makeup?
I feel ok without make up as long as I'm not going anywhere. If I am I feel naked, and it's weird.

What do you like about makeup?
I like that it can transform your look, you can play around with it, make yourself look old, beautiful, funny. If you have the make up skills that it otherwise I love the fact that it can enhance natural beauty and bring out certain aspects of a persons face.

Three “Holy Grail” Items:
Mascara- I’m not fussed on which brand, however I do love L'Oreal Telescopic False Lash Mascara and Maybelline Colossal Mascara
Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer - god send it really is especially if you have blemishes that you find hard to cover this will do it. Also it will stay covered throughout the day and even night! 
Rimmel Blush Pink Rose- A bargain high street product, but one that is very pigmented, lasts forever and is a great match for my skin tone. Great at giving me some colour on these dull days and a daily wear for me.


My Bucket List For The Coming Year!

Ok I know we are half way through the year, but this bucket list will run until this time next year. I hope to complete at least half of this.

  1. Go to Paris.
  2. Whiten my teeth
  3. Dye my hair (done)
  4. Go for a MAC makeover
  5. Buy a complete outfit. (Done)
  6. Sit in the sun with a book (done)
  7. Read at least 10 books.
  8. Visit London
  9. Go to Wales
  10. Buy Nars Orgasm blush
  11. Save £1000 by Christmas
  12. Find a job
  13. Make a smoothie
  14. Bake a cake (done)
  15. Make dinner for someone else
  16. Lose 10lbs
  17. Sell clothes on eBay (done)
  18. Go for a wax
  19. Bake cupcakes (done)
  20. Sort out skincare and make up
  21. Visit the cinema
  22. Go for a walk
  23. Purchase a stuffed animal
  24. Hit 100 followers on Vintage Chic
  25. Make a food plan for a week
  26. Sort out wardrobe
  27. Sort out underwear drawer
  28. Complete a sudoku
  29. Go to the gym
  30. Walk to town
  31. Finish three perfumes 
  32. Finish a bottle of foundation (Done)
  33. Make a Caesar salad
  34. Try some cool nail art
  35. Wear false eyelashes (Done)
  36. Make a cocktail
  37. Buy something from Zara
  38. Loosen up
  39. Stress less
  40. Clean MacBook of old junk files
  41. Complete a 50 day spending ban
  42. Get up really early & have a productive day
  43. Smile at everyone for a whole day (done)
  44. Get a french manicure
  45. Tan
  46. Buy Cath Kidston goodies
  47. Blog regularly
  48. Blog more hauls
  49. Blog OOTD
  50. Blog FOTD
  51. Blog NOTD
  52. Create a bank of posts to blog with 
  53. Finish a tube of lip balm
  54. Blog some more lifestyle posts.
  55. Get better with fancy camera work
  56. Visit the Harry Potter Movie Set Tour
  57. Book a holiday
  58. Go on a road trip
  59. Get a new tattoo
  60. Visit a museum.
  61. Laugh
  62. Buy Muji storage
  63. Be happy
  64. Visit boots or superdrug and come out with nothing
  65. Play the lottery (done)
  66. Win on a scratch card
  67. Tell someone I love them (done)
  68. Mean it (done)
  69. Wear a face of make up properly not just slap dash (Done)
  70. Decorate room
  71. Buy new storage boxes
  72. Gain more confidence
  73. Get a better phone
  74. Keep in contact with old friends
  75. Say no when I don't want something or don't agree
  76. Learn to stand up for what I want
  77. Learn to stand my ground
  78. Grow some fruit or veg. (Done)
  79. Sort out room.
  80. Update blog more.


More Confessions of a Beauty Blogger

1. Name a beauty regime that you rarely do.
My skincare routine is almost non-existent. I always aim to begin one and keep on top of it, but then I forget. Admittedly though my skin is suffering because of it, I suffer acne so I really need to do it more often rather than getting a flannel and some "soap".

2. Is washing your make-up brushes something you do regularly? 
It depends how busy I am.. I try and wash them once a week, but it's normally every two weeks. I know that's wrong, but I have so many brushes that I can do that. I'm not saying you should though.

3. How long will you last with chipped nail polish?
To be honest, I hardly paint them but when I do I'm ok with small chips. Big chips are another thing, I have to re-apply the polish if there are big chips or take it off completely.

4. How long do you put off buying/replacing a beauty or nail polish product even if you need it? (i.e purchasing a new topcoat, or a new foundation etc.
I normally buy another just before I run out.. especially if its foundation. But I do have quite a few of each product anyway so I rarely run out and if I do, its an excuse to add to my collection! The only things that I put off buying is things like moisturisers, etc. Anything essential then I have to replace it, other things can wait!

5. What is your worst beauty habit?
I think my worst beauty habit is not taking my make-up off every night before bed. However, saying that I have gotten into a routine with it now though.

6. Name something non-beauty related that you put off doing all the time?
Washing my clothes. Its completely not beauty related but I hate washing. Its not so much the 'washing' part but the putting it out to dry and then putting it all away. My washing basket is always over flowing and I am forever running out of clothes because I just put it off so much. 

7. When going out somewhere, do you leave getting ready until the last minute or not?
It depends on where I'm going, if it's out with mates than I tend to get ready way before I'm due to go out. If, however it's shopping with my mum I can leave it a good half hour before she want's to leave.

8. Can you commit to spending bans?
Lol spending ban, I hardly spend any money as it is. When I do it's once in a blue moon and it's a spending spree. I like to save rather than spend, my parents are always making jokes about me opening my purse and moths flying out because it's been so long since I last opened it.

9. How organised is your makeup and nail polish collection?
I try to be organised with it, but my make up usually just gets "neatly" thrown into my make up bag. My nail polish sit on my vanity so they are organised in a way.

10. What is the longest amount of time you have gone without writing a blog post?
I have got a few months, but that is only because I was busy at work, now I'm not working as much I have more time to blog.

Would you rather beauty edition

1.) Would you rather only use one eyeshadow color or one lip color for the rest of your life?
-- I do love my eyeshadows and love creating different looks with different colors. I only ever tend to wear lip gloss so it would have to be eyeshadow.

2.) Would you rather wear winter clothes in summer or summer clothes in winter?
Easy, I would rather where summer clothes in winter simply because you can layer. 

3.) Would you rather have dark nails or bright nails all year round?
I do like dark colors, but I'm trying to move away from dark colours yet I'm finding it hard to wear bright colours on my nails as to me it looks weird, so I'm going to say dark nails. Just for now anyway.

4.) Would you rather give up your favorite lip product or your favorite eye product?
I actually don’t have a favorite lip or eye product. But I do like to wear lip gloss, however I'm going to say lip product that way I still get to wear mascara.

5.) Would you rather only be able to wear your hair in a ponytail or a messy bun?
Although I love a messy bun, a ponytail can be a little bit more versatile. You could do a regular or side one or a fishtail. So it's got to be a ponytail for me.

6.) Would your rather never be able to paint your nails again or never use lipgloss?
I love my nail polish so I'd give up gloss.

7.) Would you rather live without makeup or nail polish?
Nail polish, hands own. Period

8.) Would you rather only be able to shop at MAC or never shop at MAC again?
As much as I love MAC, I can’t see myself only using one brand. You can always go to different brands, especially in the drugstore. I want to be able to have more options. 


Would You Rather?

Good Afternoon ladies...and gents. I have noticed a lot of would you rather posts on a lot of other blogs so I thought why not do one myself and let you all know a bit about me. So here it goes:

Is your hair naturally curly or straight?
My hair is naturally curly. If I want to let it dry naturally I scrunch it into a bun on the top of my head otherwise it goes all frizzy. The only time my hair is straight is if I blow dry it and use straighteners, which I'm trying to cut back on as its damaging my hair. 

Do you dye it yourself or go to a salon?
Normally I would dye it myself, but if it's a big change like I did back in February then I will leave it to my hairdresser Rachael to do as knowing me I will ruin it completely.

Do you wear the same style everyday, or do you change it?
I love experimenting with new hairstyles when I have the time. Yet normally if I'm in a rush I will either leave it down or scrap it back as my mum says in either a ponytail or a messy bun.

Do you do your own mani/pedi or go to a salon?
I always do my own nails. I've been to a salon once just to see what it was like and the smell of the chemicals gave me a headache and within seconds of me leaving the polish was smudge, so not very good experience in that salon.

How often do you change your nail polish?
Well it depends on what mood I'm in. Normally I will leave my nails done for about 3 days, if they haven't chipped then I will leave the same colour on longer. If however it is then I will remove it.

Do you polish your toes in the winter or just in the summer?
I hate my feet so I don't paint my toenails at all unless I'm wearing peep toes or flip flops and that is very rarely. 

How long does it take for you to put on your makeup?
It depends on the occasion if I'm just doing a daily "face" then half an hour if however I'm doing a night out "face" then it could take me a good 45 minutes.

What do you do first, face or eyes?
I always start off with my face, starting off with foundation, concealer and powder, then I will move onto my eyes. Once my eyes are done, I'll finish off with my face adding blush and a highlighter. Also no makeup look is complete without adding your favourite lippie or gloss at the end to complete your look - I usually do this just before I walk out the door!

Do you 'collect' makeup or just buy what you need when you need it?
I do a bit of both, I'll only really buy foundation, concealer, powder and mascara when I need it, but with everything else the 'beauty blogger' comes out in me and I get easily tempted by new products on the shelf. There is nothing more satisfying than buying a new lipstick, just because it looks pretty, even though you may have several shades similar. I would never go out my way to buy makeup that's not me, or something I wouldn't use though, just for the sake of having a makeup collection.

How often do you wear false eyelashes?
I have only worn false lashes twice and both time they were put on professionally for photo shoots I was doing. I can not for the life of me put them on myself, they just fall off within seconds.

Do you do a full face of makeup everyday?
No, when I'm having a lazy day at home I never wear make up I like to have days where I left my face "breathe". Otherwise my acne just flares up twice a bad as it normally is.

Do you wear makeup when your home alone, or with family?
As previously answered no I don't. Even when I come in from work or whatever I take it off straight away.

Will you leave the house without makeup?
Only if I'm walking my dogs and I know there is no chance of bumping into anyone I know. Otherwise I wear make up even if it is minimal.

How many high-end products do you have? 
Not that many actually in fact only three, which are eyeshadows from Mac. All the others are from drugstores. I won't spend a lot on make up unless its a really good product and worth the money.

Do you plan your OOTD every night or decided when you are getting dressed?
I just normally look in my wardrobe and pick a few items out in the morning and decide which one looks better, but if I'm going out for the evening I usually decide the day before.

How often do you change your handbag?
Hardly ever, I have a few bags that I use a lot. I usually use one for a couple of months then more onto another one so they are "rotated" in order to get a lot of wear out of them otherwise it's a waste of money just having them sat in the wardrobe collecting dust shall we say lol.

What time do you wake up and go to sleep?
On the weekday I usually wake up around 8 and will aim to be in bed for half 11 or midnight. I am a terrible sleeper though and it can take me hours to fall asleep, even when I'm exhausted. At the weekend I rarely set an alarm and when it comes to a time for getting up and sleeping, anything goes.

How often or when do you workout?
I never work out, the only exercise I get is shopping and walking my dogs. I know I need to lose a few pounds and tone up, but I lack motivation for that sort of stuff.

Left handed or right handed?
I'm right handed!

How tall are you?
I honestly don't know to the exact measurement, but I'm pretty sure its around 5'5. Although my mum would disagree.

Do you speak any foreign language?
No, but I really wish that I could. I would love to speak fluent French or Spanish but I was never that good at it at school.

How many pets do you have?
I Have two huskies. One is 10 years old and the other is 7 years old.

How often are you on blogger?
I love blogging so I'm on whenever I'm online which at the moment nearly every hour of every day. I know I really need to get a life outside of the blogsphere. 

Do you read comments posted on blogs?
Of course I do, it gives me ideas of what is a good post and what is a bad post. So they are so of my mini advice.

Do you keep a list of products to try as you see other posts?
I think every blogger out there has a list of products they've seen in other posts that they want to try. I never go on a review alone. If another blogger says it's not a very good product I think well that's her opinion I'll get it and see what it's like from my perspective.

How did you come up with your Blog name?
That was hard, however I love things vintage and chic so I just combined the two with my name a voila Rosie's Vintage Chic was born. I know I haven't posted much stuff on vintage yet, but I'm getting round to it slowly. It's on my 'To Do List'.

What kind of camera do you use for your photographs? 
I use a Nikon Canon D3100 SLR and a digital one that I've had since 2007 so the picture from that aren't that good. The SLR  camera on the other hand does really nice pictures. Also if I'm in a rush and i can't find the digital camera and haven't got time to get the SLR out I will use my iPad, which takes great pictures as well. 

What's your favourite colour?
My favourite colour has changed as I've grown up, when I was younger like any little girl it was pink, then it went to blue, then red, then black and right now it's a mix of purple and lilac. My room has lilac was and dark purple curtains which I'm going to change as they make the room look dreary.

Do you swear?
Very rarely do I swear. I only swear when people really get on my nerves like people who walk in front of you then slow down. Obviously I swear under my breath at these moments. Also people who don't indicate where they are turning. It really annoys me when they do that I just think 'What a b*****d or b***h' 

What are you doing with the rest of your day?
Well its just gone two pm and I'm dressed (no make up) and I've just sorted out my clothes taking out which ones I;m giving to charity and which ones like old prom dresses that I'm going to sell on. Other than that it's a lazy day, going to have a pampering session in the bath later.

Well there you have it, although I don't see this as a would you rather post, more like a confessions posting again, but who cares. I hope you've enjoyed reading a little bit about me.

Rosie xoxo


Confessions of a blogger.

Hi everyone! I hope you're all fine and dandy. Today I'm doing the 'Confessions of a Blogger' tag after seeing it over on the lovely Jessica's blog here (go and check her out, she has a fabulous blog). I thought it was a really fun tag and I thoroughly enjoyed reading her answers so I thought I'd give it a whirl myself. Tags are a great way to get to know each other so I hope you enjoy finding out a bit more about me and my blog.

All of the questions are related to blogging so its something you can all get involved with, no matter what kind of blog you write! So without further ado, here are my confessions of a blogger:

When did you start your blog?
I started my blog in October 2012 so 8 months. I've had so much fun in that time, yes the first fewest  posts weren't very good, but I've learned how to do better ones by looking at other blogs. So thank you to all those lovely blogs out there for inspiring me to more than what I've bought when shopping lol.

Have you had any past online presence before (Other blog, YouTube)?
I tried a blog on Wordpress doing book and film reviews when I was studying media at university, but I couldn't get to grips with so I left it. Then when I came to blogger I looked at loads of beauty and fashion blogs as beauty and fashion have always been a first love for me, but because I can't draw to save my life I decided not to pursue a fashion course.

Why did you start a blog?
I started a blog very spontaneously and very spur of the moment. Before starting my blog I always looked online for reviews before purchasing a new product. I was always thinking well what's the best make up for this or that, so I went online to search for reviews and I came across Victorias Vintage and from there I looked at all the blogs she followed and it kinda grew. Ever since I was younger I have loved make up. I went through a bit of a punk rock stage so all my make up was dark, but then I realised that wasn't me I was more girlie so I started buying more colourful and grown up colours and I have to say I love it so much more.

When did you become serious about starting a blog?
I never intended to start a blog so I guess I was never "serious" about it at the start, but them when I showed it to my boyfriend he liked it and said I was very good at what I was doing and very "creative". So I guess from his support I thought I can make something of this blog and so I started to look more at other blogs to get ideas of how a beauty blog "should look". Then I got my first follower and thought wow, I need to keep this up. So I have done and I enjoy trawling shops and charity shops for little finds that I can blog about it's my hobby it keeps me quiet. 

What was your first post?
Oh gosh, my first post is quite cringey but I'm still proud of it and it makes me laugh to look back at older posts and remember how clueless I was. I had no idea what I was doing or that anyone would ever read what I had to say so I was essentially writing to myself like a total loon. I remember feeling excited and nervous when I published my first post as I was putting myself out there for people to judge me, but I don't regret it one bit.

What has been your biggest challenge about blogging?
This a really tough one for me as I can't think of anything that I'd class as a challenge. I absolutely adore writing my blog and if I thought it was a challenge, the chances are I wouldn't be doing it. I guess the only thing I can think of would be ensuring my blog is constantly updated with new and interesting posts. Like all bloggers, I want people to enjoy coming to my blog for a read so my biggest 'challenge' would be making sure nobody gets bored and that I'm always thinking of new and exciting things to blog about. However, this is a good challenge as it allows me to be creative.

Where do you see your blog in one year?
Well I certainly see myself still blogging this time next year but where it will be in terms of readership and new opportunities, I have no idea. I'm very happy and overwhelmed by what I've achieved this far with my blog and anything else will just be a bonus. I certainly don't have any big plans in mind as like I said earlier, I write this blog for fun, not for anything else.

What is the most rewarding thing to you about blogging?
The most rewarding thing about blogging to me is that it lets me be creative and have people appreciate that like other bloggers so much goes into maintaining the blog. I try to blog at least once a day, I have my little note book which most bloggers have filled with ideas and products that I want to do. So yeah the most rewarding thing is having people read my posts and enjoy it I suppose.

What is the most discouraging thing that happens to you?
There isn't many things I find discouraging about blogging but if I had to pick one teeny tiny pet peeve it would be people stereotyping a blog due to the number of followers it has. I really dislike blogs being referred to as 'big' or 'small' based on their follower count and I really wish people would forget about numbers and enjoy blogs for what they really are, a reflection of someones personality and a fun, creative hobby. I also think its important to remember success is earned, not handed out on a plate. If you want your blog to be a success, make it happen. Be inspired by other bloggers, give it your all, put the effort in and it will pay off. You have to remind yourself that everyone starts off somewhere and forget about the follower number. I follow a massive variety of blogs regardless of their readership size and I value and enjoy them all equally. I think we should all appreciate the effort other bloggers put in a little bit more and stop being so consumed by that pesky follower number!

What's your lasting inspiration or motivation?
My blogging motivation is 100% other bloggers. I read a lot of blogs and am inspired by each and every one of them. I love seeing what other people have been buying and which products they're currently loving. I enjoy reading about other peoples day to day lives and it excites me finding out about a new product release. I often get inspired to improve and develop my own blog after reading amazing posts from fellow bloggers or instantly feel like I 'need' to buy a product after reading another glowing review. I probably spend more money on beauty products now that I ever did before I started blogging but I don't mind, that's all part of the fun right?


Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer

Lets talk concealer. I am totally in love with Soap & Glorys Kick Ass Concealer. I mean just look at the packaging so cute and it captures your eye which is what you want a product to do. Seriously who in their right mind would pick up a product that was dreary and boring? It's a brilliant product as well, I've looked and tried most concealers, but I have never managed to find one that actually stays put. That's where this product is different. 

 You see there are three steps to this product step on (pink side) this goes under your eyes and hides dark circles. I have terrible dark circles and this hide them pretty well, I wouldn't say completely but they were hidden. Onto step two (cream side) this is the blemish concealer and this is a life saver for me, I suffer from acne and really need a concealer that hides my acne, I don't care if you see bumps but redness I can't stand and this covers the redness so well. When I first put it on I was like omg they are gone, it wasn't until I got right up to the mirror that I noticed the bumps. So to say I was a happy bunny was an u understatement.

Finally step three, this is an ingenious idea. It's a setting powder that you put on over the concealer to set it before you move on to your foundation (if you put your concealer first that is) and this setting powder actually keeps the concealer in place. I do tend to put concealer on first then foundation the again with concealer. Yet with this I did not need the second round of concealer. My mum was actually shocked with how covered my acne was, she's even tempted to buy some. 

I bought this from Boots for £10 and it is worth every penny. I would defiantly say if you haven't got this product and want a concealer that actually conceals blemishes then go out and buy this. It is a great investment.


Blogger Goals

Today I thought I would do a blog on my blogger goals. Basically it's a list of things I want to do to and with the blog in the coming year to make it better and worth reading. Yes, I'm new to the whole blogsphere, but I've seen so many nice blogs out there. So here it is my blogger goals:

1. Take daily photos of my outfits.
2. Do daily posts.
3. Write better reviews.
4. Make a youtube page.
5. Do make up tutorials.
6. Go on blogger meets.
7. Network with other bloggers.
8. Advertise my blog.
9. Use Adsense to make a small profit from the blog.
10. Try and improve on my blog as a whole.
11. Try and get at least 100 followers by this time next year.
12. Try and win some blog awards.

Now I'm sure there are more, but at the moment those are the only ones I can think of. They are good goals I feel. If you guys have any ideas of what will make this a better blog let me know. In the mean time please vote for me as Best New Blog.

Rosie xoxo


Blog Update

Ok so this blog is going to under go a bit of an over haul, but I will still be doing daily(ish) blogs. I have loads of ideas running round my head so I just need to put them all down on paper before I forget (hmmm there's another idea for a future post...*writes it down*).

So please keep coming back and seeing all the new updates and soon the new lovely layout. Until then I will continue being my dizzy self and making people laugh at me not with me ;) 

Rosie xx

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