Blogmas Day 24 - Christmas Eve

Hello my lovelies,

Welcome to day 24 of Blogmas and xmas eve. I'm going to keep this post short as nothing has really happened today. Went out with my dad to get mum a Christmas from him, he wanted advice on what to get. Also finished making my chocolate orange cupcakes, I'm not too sure about them, but mum, my sister and my brother in law love them so they must be ok lol.

Finished wrapping presents and they are now all under the tree ready and waiting for tomorrow, my bedroom actually looks a tad empty now all the presents aren't in there. Maybe in the new year I'll finally get it looking the way I want it to (keep saying it, but I mean it this time).

So now all that is left to say is Merry Christmas, hope you all have a wonderful festive fun filled day. Try not to get too drunk, if you drink please don't drive! See you in a few days with the last edition of Blogmas 2015.

Blogmas Day 23 - Last Minute Harruh!

Hello my lovelies and welcome to day 23 of Blogmas.

Today I did the last minute run with my mum to get the turkey and fresh fruit and veg. It was also a chance for me to get things I needed for my baking. Now I don't recommend starting to bake at 7 in the evening especially if you plan to do more than one thing like me. I baked gingerbread cookies (enough to feed a small army) as well as chocolate orange cupcakes. I finished baking at half ten, I haven't even decorated the cupcakes or anything yet. 

I'm going to be rushed tomorrow as my dad wants me to go shopping with him and my sister and brother in law will be down about lunchtime. Plus I need to go out and buy some bitter for the icing as I ran out tonight. So stressed and tired, I hate to say it but I'll be glad when Christmas is over for the year lol. 

Here's a sneak peak at the gingerbread cookies.

This was just a few I still had some cooling off on the rack. I'll post the recipe for these and the cupcakes in the new year.


Blogmas Day 22 - Ways To Relax Of The Festive Season.

Hello my lovelies,

Welcome to day 22 of Blogmas, only 3 more days to go and today I was doggy sitting whilst my folks did a Costco run to get all the last minute things. I say last minute, but I can guarantee you that either tomorrow or xmas eve my mum and I will be running to Tesco or Morrisons to get bits and bobs.

Anywho today's post is ways to relax over the festive season. The reason for this post is because everybody says that Christmas is the busiest time of year, and I agree. I'm going to tell you a few ways to relax yourself while your stressed/super busy. These way not work for you but they relax me..... Defiantly have a try though!

1. Light a candle, get your colouring book, open up Spotify or ITunes and colour. I did this tonight and it was honestly so nice, minus the candle though. 
2. Go for a walk. I don't do this often enough, except when I'm walking my dog. You can clear your head and have a relaxing walk, you can listen to music or just think. I normally think as I don't like listening to music when I'm walking in the dark. One it's dangerous as you don't know who is around you (if anyone) and 2 it's distracting and again dangerous.
3. Talk to a friend. Call them, text them, talk to them in person. Talking to a person is probably the best way, but if you can't pick up your phone and have a fun conversation with your BFF!
4. Have a relaxing bath, light some candles, put your fave bubble bath/bar or bath bomb in. Stick your hair up and a face pack on and just read a book or doze (but whatever you do fall asleep in the bath).


Blogmas Day 21 - A Cosy Night In Gift Guide

Hello my lovelies,

Welcome to day 21 of Blogmas, oh my god only 4 more days eek! I am so behind on everything. Today was a cleaning day really. Need to get the house all sparkling clean for when my sister and brother in law come down. Anyways today's post is about cosy nights in. So the weather has been pretty chilly lately and all you want to do is snuggle you in bed with a hot chocolate and watch films, but instead you have to find the motivation to drag yourself out of bed and go to school or work. However there is nothing better than getting back on the night and relaxing. I have put together a quick essentials guide to having the perfect christmassy cosy night in...

1) Books
2) Slipper boots
3) Fluffy blanket/throw
4) Onesie
5) Hot chocolate 
6) Christmas scented candles
7) Christmas films
8) Hot water bottle 
9) Fairy lights

What items are in your cosy night in essentials?

Blogmas Day 20 - Baking Ideas

Hello my lovelies,

Today is day 20 of Blogmas, you know what that mean 5 more sleeps until xmas day. I'm really excited as Christmas Eve my sister and brother in law are coming down, plus I get to bake a gingerbread house and some cupcakes. I have no idea what flavour cupcakes, but I'll try and make the decoration of them as Christmassy as possible.

I've found some really nice looking cakes and cookies on pinterest here are a few.

First up 
 I love gingerbread and cupcakes so how could I not love this combo. When I get the chance I will definately be making these.

And just some photos of random ideas



Blogmas Day 19 - Last Minute Shopping Dash

Hello my lovelies,

Today is day 19 of blogmas and I have to say never go Christmas shopping with 6 days to go before Christmas you will regret it trust me. I went to my main shopping centre and it was packed and people were walking so slow, kids were screaming. I wished that I had done it all online or earlier in the year, next year I won't leave it so late. But all that said and done it was a nice yet stressful day out of the house, I met up with an old school friend and had a coffee and a chat for half an hour which although brief was nice.

I finally got all my presents that I wanted to get then went to the card factory to get my parents a xmas card and the queue, oh my god it was long, took about 20-30 mins before I reached the tills. Plus due to everything being indoors, it was so hot in the shopping centre. I had to take off my scarf and at times my coat, which when your carrying four big bags is a challenge if you need to carry your winter coat. It was also a long day, I got up the centre at 12ish and I wasn't home until gone 4. I was shattered, my feet ached, I was hungry as I hadn't had any lunch, which is a bad idea when you have epilepsy and tend to have seizures when you lack food or get stressed. But it was ok, I was ok nothing happened except I wanted to scream at a few people to get out my way and stop walking at a snails pace. I am not good with people who walk slow. 

Whilst I was shopping I got to see the Christmas display and I love going to see it, it's a big attraction in my home town, but unfortunately the last few years it has lacked in appeal. You used to be able to walk around a big display and watch all the moving bears and elves, but this year to see that you had to go on the train which costs £2 and took about 5 minutes, not even that. Plus Santas grotto was an igloo and from what friends said you were rushed when making your crafts before you got to see the man himself. 

MK you need to get your act together when it comes to the Christmas display, you ruin the Christmas feel for everyone. #justsaying. Apart from all that it was a productive day and I finally got all my Christmas presents sorted, now all I need to do is wrap them.


Blogmas Day 18 - End of Term news.

Hello my lovelies,

Today is day 18 on blog a and its also excatly 7 days until xmas. Now I still have xmas shopping to do which is getting done tomorrow (although as I write this I have actually finished my shopping, but weird I know), but anyway today is the day schools break up and us teachers and Teaching assistants can rejoice in the fact that we have two weeks of no teaching. Although the teachers will have marking to do and I have to come up with lesson plans for one to one sessions with my key students. So in a way we have no break, but it was a relaxing day as I only had a maths lesson to help with where they were making patterns based on co ordinates. I covered the inclusion centre at the school which was nice and quiet only had three students in there. Then it was a case of two assemblies one after the other then all students were out of school by lunchtime. 

Which meant us staff members had our Christmas lunch altogether and we also said goodbye to a few teachers as well. Then it was time to clean up the Support for Learning classroom so it was all tidy for next year. I can't remember if we put the Christmas decorations away or not lol oh well it will still be ok by the time we go back.

So that was the last day of term and I was home by 3 and relaxed all by 4, not a bad days work. I also had one of the naughty kids wish me a merry Christmas which surprised me as they are not like that normally, but it was nice for a change.

Stay tuned for blogmas day 19. 

Blogmas Day 17 - Work Do

Hello my lovelies,

Welcome to day 17 of Blogmas (I am aware it's the 19th I am again a bit behind I apologise). On today's post I will tell you all about my Christmas work do. As most of you may know I work in a school as a Teaching Assistant. So all the TAs went on their work do on Thursday the day before we broke up for the holidays and we went to Bistro Live! Now for those who haven't been there it's a wonderful place so lively and fun. If you want a waiter to come over you wave a flag so they can see you, plus won't you've had dinner and everything has been cleared away you can dance on the tables - yes you read that right - you can dance on the tables so long as your drinks are in the boxes at the end of the table so they don't spill.

The evening was great, they had a DJ and every so often a live band would come on stage although you couldn't hear the woman singing. I never drank any alcohol, didn't think it right seen as I had work the next day working with kids. Not very professional turning up with a hangover. Here are a few pictures from that night,

 Dessert. A little strawberry shortcake, marshmallow snowman and chocolate dough cake like a Christmas pudding.

 Finally my Christmas look, make up consisted of reckon foundation, urban decay eyeshadow, revlon lipstick, kelly brook blusher, benefit they're real eyeliner, benefit roller lash mascara, benefit boing concealer and Maybelline powder. I wore a 1950s inspired dress from Linda bop and shoes from new look.

There you have it my Christmas work do and it was amazing had a nice time, roll on next year. 


Blogmas Day 16 - Winter Tag

Hello my lovelies,
Welcome to day 16 of Blogmas, today I'm going to do another tag post. Tags are so much fun and it’s a great way to get into the holiday season so today I decided to do the Winter Favorites Tag that I saw on Starbs & Carbs, you can check her tag by clicking the link.  I wasn’t tagged by her, but it just looked like fun so I decided to do this tag! Enjoy!
FullSizeRender 5
Top 2 Winter Beauty Essentials: Lip balm is a big must for me since I get chapped lips very easily.  Lotion is also a big one but I forget to put it on sometimes especially body lotion. I just can't be bothered to do it when I've got out the bath or shower. As a result my skin tends to dry out quickly especially with the central heating being on.
Top 2 Winter Fashion Essentials: I love beanies because they are cute and they come in many different styles.  I also like hoodies because they aren’t as bulky as jackets but they are still warm.
Favorite Winter Nail Polish:  I like a nice red color because it screams Christmas to me.  I also really like to pair the red polish with a gold polish.
Favorite Winter Candle or Scent: I am a sucker for anything with a cinnamon scent especially in the winter.
Favorite Winter Accessory: I love scarves!! They are super cute and can make any outfit look fabulous while keeping you warm!
Favorite Winter Beverage: I have to for this one, hot chocolate and gingerbread lattes and eggnog lattes from Starbucks. 
Favorite Holiday Food or Treat:  I love Baileys I know it's not a food, but to me it's a treat.
Favorite Christmas Decoration: Lights and Christmas Trees.  Those two make my Christmas!!
Favorite Christmas/Holiday Song: My favorite is All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey which is funny because I am not a Mariah Carey fan but I just love how she sings this song. However, I also like any Christmas song by Michael buble and all the oldies by Nat king Cole and Dean Martin.
Favorite Christmas/Holiday Movie: I have three and they are all equally my favorite! The Muppets Christmas Carol, The Polar Express and It's A Wonderful Life.
If you were to ask Santa for one thing this year and actually get it, what would it be? I don't know, but I think it would be some Mac cosmetics or stuff for blogging.
What are your holiday plans this year? I plan on watching a lot of Christmas related tv and movies, plus my sister and brother in law are coming to town (see what I did there? No ok never mind).
I hope you have a wonderful and safe Christmas and a fabulous New Year.



Blogmas Day 14 - Winter Dresses

Hello my lovelies,

Welcome to Day 14 of Blogmas And today I have put together a few of my favourite Christmas/winter dresses as there are probably a lot of Christmas parties coming up or even if you are looking for something to wear on Christmas day.

Which dress is your favourite? 


Blogmas Day 15 - Tree Reveal.

Hello my lovelies,

Welcome to day 15 of Blogmas, yes I am up to date on it. I honestly thought I'd be posting xmas day on Boxing Day...actually I still might be. Anyways today is the big reveal of my Christmas tree. Now since I was a baby my parents have always had the same tree, but different decs to put on it, different lights. I remember we used to have multi coloured lights, then the White lights came in and then the flashing ones. We had tinsel, baubles, Angels, icicles, candy canes, strips of what looked like tinsel that my sister and I just chucked on the tree (can't remember what it's called). Each year we would have either the Angel or a star, mostly the Angel (can still remember the Angel, was small and tatty, but was well loved) my great grandmother gave us a new angel and since then it's sat at the top of our tree.

Now this year my mother decided she was fed up of sitting and untangling lights every year (FYI I did the untangling as she got stressed). So she bought a new one a pre lit tree. It's thinner than our old tree and taller. Thinner means less decs in my book, this year I was given the job of decorating it without supervision. Yay I thought, then when I realised that the tinsel would not fit on its own let alone with decs, I wanted to pass it over to someone else. However, I decided to stick with it and decorated the tree, we have a red and gold theme every year now. So I was hunting through the baubles and finding the right ones to put on. I think in total it took me about half an hour to decorate as I am a perfectionist. I had to have it so that no design or colour were the same next to each other. Then I put the candy canes on and crackers then finally the Angel.

So without further ado or anymore nattering from me here is.




Blogmas Day 13 - Tips on how to get a goodnight sleep.


Hello my lovelies,

Welcome to day 13 of Blogmas. My sleeping pattern differs each and every day, especially around this time of year as I am too excited! Sometimes I wake up groggy and other times I can bounce out of bed feeling on top of the world, so how is it possible to bounce out of bed every morning? - It could be possible if we take our sleep seriously. We all abandon our sleep for the enjoyment of Netflix marathons or to endlessly scroll through our social media or whatever we chose to do other than sleep. However, sleeping any later than 10pm could cause many issues with depression being one of the worst results of not gaining a healthy sleeping routine.  Here's a bunch of tips on how to help you become tired, stay asleep and wake up feeling revived. 


If you're most likely to sit up in bed watching TV before you sleep, odds are you'll keep on flicking through and be up later than you hoped. Reading however, is peaceful and relaxing and gets your eyes really tired. Reading one chapter or two a night is all it takes to prepare you for a better nights sleep. Escaping into a book is just as good as watching TV, only there's no flickering lights to keep you awake and alert like with a TV. Switch off and open up a book and see a difference in your sleeping patterns. You're sure to feel the benefits almost immediately - okay maybe not immediately but just trial run it and see. Even if you don't like books, maybe try a magazine? 


We sleep for a lot of hours without any fluids which means we become dehydrated in the night. It is important to drink one pint of water half an hour before you sleep and drink one pint when you wake up. Your body needs water to hydrate itself and allow you to have energy for the day ahead. Caffeine may be nice to indulge on but before bed it will only keep you awake, especially coffee! Start the night and day off right with a refreshing glass of water - If you dislike the taste of water, then maybe infuse it with some calming fruits and herbs. 


Lavender is proven to help you de-stress and sleep better as studies have shown in the past. I recommend burning a lavender scented candle for one hour before you sleep, to help you prepare for a better nights sleep. We all need a little 'me' time now and then, so maybe reading a book by candle light would be the perfect 'killing two birds with one stone' scenario - You'll be de-stressing and becoming tired in no time. 

Pillow Spray

Pillow Mists are great to help you sleep better at night. If you toss and turn at night, have a lot of bad dreams or wake up frequently checking the time, these spritz's can help you to relax and give you a nights sleep without distractions. 

Neom Organics Perfect Night's Sleep Pillow Mist: A combination of lavender, sweet basil and jasmine to aid a better night's sleep. £20 buy here.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Talk: A dream team of products to help you sleep sweet. A pillow spray with hints of lavender and vetivert and a 'Stress Less' roll on inhaler to help clear your head so you can sleep deeply. £22 buy here.

Ragdale Hall Spa Pillow & Body Mist: A Lavender scented mist to spritz over your face/pillow and body to help de-stress your head, eyes and muscles and give you a better night's sleep. £5 Buy here.


I find that keeping a diary/journal by your bedside is essential. You can write down what's on your mind. Sometimes getting things out of your head and onto paper can help you to completely de-stress and sleep away without having nightmares or terrors over things that are worrying you. Even if the day you've had has been a positive day full of happy memories, writing it down will leave you in a good mood and you'll be going to bed with happy thoughts reminiscing all of the good in your life. 


A tidy bedroom that contains no clutter could also help you rest better. A cluttered home is a cluttered mind after all. Although my room at the moment is a mess. 

Also changing your bedding regularly and using lavender, Jasmine or cotton fresh conditioners to wash your sheets could give you a healthier sleep at night. You simply can't beat the feeling of jumping into a fresh bed. 

Herbal Tea

Even herbal tea can bring out the best in our sleep/night time routine. Especially camomile and honey, when I feel really stressed or even ill I drink camomile and honey as it is soothing and the honey is so beneficial to a sore throat and camomile helps to relax a busy mind and gets you all ready for a good night sleep.

I hope these tips help! 
Thanks for reading, 


Blogmas Day 12 - Things I Love About Christmas

Hello lovelies! 

Welcome to day 12 ♥ Sorry for a late post, but the weekend has been crazy. So, I will be uploading the posts 12, 13 and 14 very close to each other. It will be better after tomorrow, I promise. Today's post - well, Saturday's post - is a quick one about things I love about Christmas. See my list below:

Things I love about Christmas

♥ Christmas decorations ♥
♥ Especially the tree ♥
♥ Christmas themed drinks ♥
♥ All the food ♥
♥ Making all the food ♥
♥ Spending time with family ♥
♥ Christmas movies ♥
♥ Christmas songs ♥
♥ Christmas candies ♥
♥ Snow! ♥
♥ Christmas lights ♥
♥ Lots of Christmas lights ♥
♥ Christmas scented candles ♥
♥ Getting presents for people ♥
♥ Wrapping the gifts ♥
♥ Seeing people's face when they open them ♥
♥ Gingerbread ♥
♥ Gingerbread everything ♥
♥ Chocolate ♥
♥ People having holiday spirit ♥
♥ Christmas nails ♥
♥ Ugly sweaters ♥
♥ Waiting for the big day ♥
♥ Seeing people do vlogmas, blogmas and so on ♥
♥ Hot chocolate ♥
♥ Candy cane everything ♥

That's my list of Christmas favorites, what's yours? Let me know in the comments below!

Tomorrow I'll have quite a day at work, followed by a nice little double date with my cousin and her man. I will take my camera with me and hopefully that will make into a nice post (or even a video). A new post will be up in 12 hours and tomorrow's official one in little under 24 hours. I know it's quite much of spamming but bear with me this one time, I'll calm down after tomorrow. Also remember to follow me on social media where I post fun stuff daily! See you in the next post!

Have a lovely day ♥



Blogmas Day 11 - DIY Ornaments.

Hello my lovelies,

Welcome to day 11 of Blogmas. Today is DIY ornaments, but first I apologise for posting two today I have been a bit behind with everything. Had an accident at work and felt a bit dizzy yesterday.

One of my favourite parts of Christmas is the ornaments. They are so cute and set the theme for any tree. Personally, I’m really into the “shabby chic, vintage” kind of ideas lately, and would totally recommend working this into your tree. Below are some really cute vintage DIY ornaments I found on Pinterest.
This ornament is really sweet. You can find out how to do it at http://www.mom4real.com/5-easy-to-make-homemade-christmas.
This next idea was posted from an Etsy account, but seems really simple to make yourself! The shiny gems can be bought at a craft store, and hot glued to any ornament. Just imagine how cute it would look with the Christmas lights shining onto them!
For all you music lovers, this idea is too precious to not make! Using some sheet music, you mod podge it to an ornament, put on a light coat of glitter, and stick on a print out tag! For some extra glam they bejeweled the screw on top of the ornament, and the final look is completely perfect!
Although this next one seems to take a bit more time, the overall appearance is worth it. If you really don’t feel like taking the time to put soemthing like this together, you can buy one already made. I just love the idea of the vintage style of this, it reminds me of Marie Antoinette.


Blogmas Day 10 - Holiday Hair

Hello my lovelies,

Welcome to day 10 

Okay, so I’ve decided to post a few really cute hairstyles I’ve seen on Pinterest and am just dying to try out. If you’re like me and have no parties to go to except a work do, why not try them out anyways? Wear them to school, work, or just lounging around the house. You don’t need a special occasion to feel special. I wanted to have a variety of styles depending on what kind of hair you have and how much time you have. I’m pretty sure this introduction has bored half of you to death, so let’s just get into it!
This first one is what you make of it. It can be messy or classy. Time consuming or quick. Personally, I usually wear this messily, as that’s the easiest style whilst still looking like I spent a little bit of time on it. However, I can never turn down an elegant look.
This second one requires a bit more time. It’s an updo made from a french braid. Just start the braid out on the side of your head, working your way down until you have used all of your hair (pull out some pieces if you want it to be really loose). Then pin it up in a bun type shape. Spritz it with some hairspray for it to stay in place all night!
This is probably the simplest of all. A vintage styled half up half down. Part your hair to one side and twist the parted side back towards your head. Pull a piece from the other side a loosely twist it in a backwards motion towards your head again. Curl the ends of your hair. For a more rustic look, tease the ends in an upward motion. Spray with hairspray and you’ve got an incredible vintage styled holiday look!
For more options, check out this website. They have so many styles for all types of hair with full


Blogmas day 9 - Nails

Hello my lovelies,

Welcome to day 9 of Blogmas. Today is all about nail polish. I am going to show you 7 great nail polish colors I am loving for the holiday season and just the winter season in general!
Starting off with OPI because I love this brand.
cute little vixen
The color above ↟ is OPI Cute Little Vixen.
The Color below ↡ is OPI I’m Not Really A Waitress.
im not really a waitress
I’m not a big fan for plain black nail polish during the winter season, but OPI Black Onyx ↡is quite nice.
black onyxThe Color below ↡ is OPI Pop The Cork!
pop the cork!
pop the cork paired with gold coin
Moving onto other brands…
I’ve always been a fan of Revlon because their polish is very opake and really smooth to apply. Above ↟ is one of my go to’s for winter Revlon Vixen.
ORLY has a fantastic rose gold polish featured down below ↡
Lastly, I came across Deborah Lippmann a few days ago although I haven't got any of the nail polish yet, but I have fallen in love with this color Good Girl Gone Bad ↡   The only problem you may have with these or even any dark nail polish is staining of the nail. So my top tip is to put a base coat on first and a bit of Vaseline around the nail so you don't stain the skin should you get polish on it. A bit like you would when dying your hair.
good girl gone bad
So that is going to be it for today. I hope you try out these nail polishes and love them just as much as I do ت ♥ p.s sorry it's late.
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