Blogmas Day 17/18

Hello lovelies,
Yes today is another double post (sorry been busy). It's getting closer to the end of term and to be honest I'm really feeling it. I don't think I've ever been this shattered in my entire life. Yet, I wouldn't change my job for anything else. Today I'm talking about xmas craft. Now there is so many ideas on Pinterest I get distracted so much when I'm just browsing. I do have a craft and Christmas boards and I decided to show you some crafts I want to try next year if I can.
I like this one cus it reminds me of some decs I had last year in the hall.
See these are all so simple yet effective and I want to try them next year if I get the time, which I should do really, I don't really do much lol. I've done homemade cards which I will show you after xmas day as I know family view this blog and I don't want them seeing their cards before I give them to them.
Anyone have any good recommendations for crafts? Comment below please.

Blogmas Day 15/16

Hello my lovelies,

Ok so today I'm going to be doing another joint post cus nothing has happened really, I've just been working and still have some time to go before I break up (again thinking I'm posting at the correct time and not 4days before xmas). So what am I posting about here today...well I'm talking about the wonder that is Christmas work dos. 

I love them it gives you a chance to see your colleagues out of work and get to know them a bit better. Now this year I have two, yes two work dos, I have one with my department and one with the whole school. The one with the whole school was fantastic we all mingled, danced and sang karaoke. Now it's the first time the whole school has got together like this and it was something. I won't divulge anything cus let's be honest don't want to be talking about things that go on at Christmas dos and not just cus I work in a school. 

I will tell you this I did get a bit tipsy, but everyone does at xmas and it is a time to party and be merry as they say. I do hope they do another whole school next year as it was great fun. Don't expect any photos though I've made a promise not to post any pictures of anyone without their permission.

In other news, I've finished my xmas shopping I now need to wrap them and this year I'm being different. I'm not the typical wrapping, I'm going for brown paper, but more on that in a later post.

See you laters for now, 


Blogmas Day 14

Hi lovelies,
I'm sure everyone loves getting their nails all festive for Christmas but deciding on what colour or nail art you want can be the problem. I've put together a few of my fav ideas for this year's festive nails.

I'm hoping do some of these ideas soon and thanks to my sister with all the nail varnish in each Calendar door, I won't need to be buying any new varnish lol.
Check out my latest calendar gifts on Instagram 

Blogmas Day 13

Hello my lovelies,
Welcome to day 13 of Blogmas. My sleeping pattern differs each and every day, especially around this time of year as I am too excited! Sometimes I wake up groggy and other times I can bounce out of bed feeling on top of the world, so how is it possible to bounce out of bed every morning? - It could be possible if we take our sleep seriously. We all abandon our sleep for the enjoyment of Netflix marathons or to endlessly scroll through our social media or whatever we chose to do other than sleep. However, sleeping any later than 10pm could cause many issues with depression being one of the worst results of not gaining a healthy sleeping routine.  Here's a bunch of tips on how to help you become tired, stay asleep and wake up feeling revived. 

If you're most likely to sit up in bed watching TV before you sleep, odds are you'll keep on flicking through and be up later than you hoped. Reading however, is peaceful and relaxing and gets your eyes really tired. Reading one chapter or two a night is all it takes to prepare you for a better nights sleep. Escaping into a book is just as good as watching TV, only there's no flickering lights to keep you awake and alert like with a TV. Switch off and open up a book and see a difference in your sleeping patterns. You're sure to feel the benefits almost immediately - okay maybe not immediately but just trial run it and see. Even if you don't like books, maybe try a magazine? 
We sleep for a lot of hours without any fluids which means we become dehydrated in the night. It is important to drink one pint of water half an hour before you sleep and drink one pint when you wake up. Your body needs water to hydrate itself and allow you to have energy for the day ahead. Caffeine may be nice to indulge on but before bed it will only keep you awake, especially coffee! Start the night and day off right with a refreshing glass of water - If you dislike the taste of water, then maybe infuse it with some calming fruits and herbs. 
Lavender is proven to help you de-stress and sleep better as studies have shown in the past. I recommend burning a lavender scented candle for one hour before you sleep, to help you prepare for a better nights sleep. We all need a little 'me' time now and then, so maybe reading a book by candle light would be the perfect 'killing two birds with one stone' scenario - You'll be de-stressing and becoming tired in no time. 
Pillow Spray
Pillow Mists are great to help you sleep better at night. If you toss and turn at night, have a lot of bad dreams or wake up frequently checking the time, these spritz's can help you to relax and give you a nights sleep without distractions. 
Neom Organics Perfect Night's Sleep Pillow Mist: A combination of lavender, sweet basil and jasmine to aid a better night's sleep. £20 buy here.
This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Talk: A dream team of products to help you sleep sweet. A pillow spray with hints of lavender and vetivert and a 'Stress Less' roll on inhaler to help clear your head so you can sleep deeply. £22 buy here.
Ragdale Hall Spa Pillow & Body Mist: A Lavender scented mist to spritz over your face/pillow and body to help de-stress your head, eyes and muscles and give you a better night's sleep. £5 Buy here.
I find that keeping a diary/journal by your bedside is essential. You can write down what's on your mind. Sometimes getting things out of your head and onto paper can help you to completely de-stress and sleep away without having nightmares or terrors over things that are worrying you. Even if the day you've had has been a positive day full of happy memories, writing it down will leave you in a good mood and you'll be going to bed with happy thoughts reminiscing all of the good in your life. 
A tidy bedroom that contains no clutter could also help you rest better. A cluttered home is a cluttered mind after all. Although my room at the moment is a mess. 
Also changing your bedding regularly and using lavender, Jasmine or cotton fresh conditioners to wash your sheets could give you a healthier sleep at night. You simply can't beat the feeling of jumping into a fresh bed. 
Herbal Tea
Even herbal tea can bring out the best in our sleep/night time routine. Especially camomile and honey, when I feel really stressed or even ill I drink camomile and honey as it is soothing and the honey is so beneficial to a sore throat and camomile helps to relax a busy mind and gets you all ready for a good night sleep.
I hope these tips help! 
Thanks for reading, 

Blogmas Day 12

Hello lovelies! 
Welcome to day 12 ♥ Sorry for a late post, but the week has been crazy. So, I will be uploading the posts 13 -17 very close to each other. It will be better after tomorrow, I promise. Today's post - Pretend we are still on the 12th December people - is a quick one about things I love about Christmas. See my list below:

Things I love about Christmas
♥ Christmas decorations ♥
♥ Especially the tree ♥
♥ Christmas themed drinks ♥
♥ All the food ♥
♥ Making all the food ♥
♥ Spending time with family ♥
♥ Christmas movies ♥
♥ Christmas songs ♥
♥ Christmas candies ♥
♥ Snow! ♥
♥ Christmas lights ♥
♥ Lots of Christmas lights ♥
♥ Christmas scented candles ♥
♥ Getting presents for people ♥
♥ Wrapping the gifts ♥
♥ Seeing people's face when they open them ♥
♥ Gingerbread ♥
♥ Gingerbread everything ♥
♥ Chocolate ♥
♥ People having holiday spirit ♥
♥ Christmas nails ♥
♥ Ugly sweaters ♥
♥ Waiting for the big day ♥
♥ Seeing people do vlogmas, blogmas and so on ♥
♥ Hot chocolate ♥
♥ Candy cane everything ♥

That's my list of Christmas favorites, what's yours? Let me know in the comments below!

Tomorrow I'll have quite a day at work, followed by a nice little double date with my cousin and her man. I will take my camera with me and hopefully that will make into a nice post (or even a video). A new post will be up in 12 hours and tomorrow's official one in little under 24 hours. I know it's quite much of spamming but bear with me this one time, I'll calm down after tomorrow. Also remember to follow me on social media where I post fun stuff daily! See you in the next post!
Have a lovely day ♥


Blogmas Day 10/11

Hello my lovelies,
Again I'm combining two days I really need to catch up it will be the 13th tomorrow and I still haven't done tonights one. Anyways let's go back in time to the 10th. Today I had my shoot and it was amazing, I forgot how confident I felt when dressed up. Like I said yesterday I opted against the typical sexy Santa gear. Nicole had some French knickers, stocking, a corset and two robes a red and white one with ostrich feathers. I went for the corset which was a maroon purple colour and she also had some French knickers to match. Now seen as they weren't mine I wore my own normal knickers underneath (all about hygiene). Before I got into the outfit or even hair and make up Nicole and I sat down with a cup of tea and had a good old chin wag to catch up.
Once that was done Nicole done my hair by putting it in heated curlers, she then set about getting my make up done whilst the curlers were cooling. Once all done she took the roller out and styled the hair by gently brushing out the curls and back combing then spraying tons of hairspray on. Once that was done I put the suspender belt on and then Nicole helped with the stockings as they had a seam going up the back which needed to be straight and she also done the clips up at the back as well. I then got into the rest of the outfit and again Nicole helped with tying the corset up. She then vanished to get some accessories, which were a gorgeous necklace and earring set and a sheer black night robe. I looked at myself in the mirror and just felt like crying, not because I though I looked hideous, far from it I actually thought (and I know this may come across as big headed) but I actually thought wow I look beautiful and I think it was that boost that gave me confidence to do the shoot.
I got asked to stand and do a pose looking away from the camera, then Nicole said I'll put the wind fan on you might get a bit cold lol. Oh she also draped me in gold tinsel to add the Christmas element to it. We did some more shoots and she said I looked simply gorgeous like a goddess which isn't fair as no one is allowed to be gorgeous except her. Now you're probably thinking how vain, but it's not it helps boost your confidence trust me. I lack so much self confidence it annoys those around me. Nicole, however gave me a boost and I just know these pictures will come out fantastic, even if I am at my biggest weight I don't really care, she knows all the right poses to use to slim down areas you hate and I'm not saying photoshop. The only thing photoshopped in the pictures will be the background.
I will post a picture of my make up tomorrow I did take one before I removed it all so you can see how I looked and when the final result is in I will post it up as well. So to say I had a fantastic time is an understatement, and I should hope I had a fantastic time because it took four hours well three if you minus the hour it took just talking lol.

Blogmas Day 8 and 9

Hello my lovelies,
Today I'm combining two days (8/9, yes I know it's the 12th and again I'm late with the post hence the combination of the two). So today (pretending it's the 9th December, just roll with me ok) was a pretty hectic day at work, but it's ok as everyday in the run up to end of term is. Now for those that don't know I'm a Teaching Assistant at a secondary school working with students who have special needs. It's a very fulfilling job, but like I said can be hectic and can be very draining at times. 
Tomorrow (10th December) I have a pin up Christmas shoot. Now I've had shoots before with the wonderful Nicole Klein at The Hourglass Girls and I have loved everyone of them. I was in two of their calendars one as Wonder Woman (fun but I hated how I looked should have chosen a different character but me being me left it until the last minute to get a costume.) and then the next calendar was showgirls which I loved. 
This one is a Christmas shoot just for fun. I couldn't find anything Christmassy so Nicole kindly lent me some of her stuff. I'll have to wait and see what there is. I doubt I'll go for the typical santa outfit. I mean come on I know it's Christmas but surely everyone will do that. I shall let you know how it goes tomorrow. 
PS check out my Instagram for my advent calendar present. 


Blogmas Day 7 - Blogmas List


Hello my lovelies,

With December here I know quite a few bloggers out there will be doing Blogmas – posting daily right up until Christmas Day! Now for a lot of bloggers that’ll be a big jump, I especially can vouch for that. Posting 25 days is a big challenge, and it’s not even just writing the posts which takes the time, it’s coming up with them as well. So to help everyone on their way, I’ve created a list of 50 (yes FIFTY!) Blogmas post ideas to help you decide what you’ll be writing about this Blogmas!

  1. Favourite Christmas recipes
  2. Gift Guides for Him/Her
  3. Your Christmas traditions
  4. Christmas cocktails
  5. Christmas DIY ideas
  6. Favourite Christmas films
  7. Making a gingerbread house
  8. Christmas day outfits
  9. Why do you love Christmas?
  10. Ultimate Christmas party playlist
  11. Surviving the Boxing Day sales
  12. Write a letter to Santa!
  13. Your favourite Christmas jumpers this year
  14. Your favourite worst Christmas jumpers (the cheesier, the better!)
  15. Looking back on your year
  16. Doing Christmas on a budget
  17. Christmas DIY for kids
  18. How to deal with the Holiday stress
  19. Your favourite Christmas memory
  20. Favourite Christmas songs
  21. The best Christmas present you ever received
  22. The worst Christmas present you ever received
  23. Do a Christmas giveaway!
  24. Blogmas post ideas!
  25. Christmas baking
  26. Your favourite Christmas adverts
  27. A look at your Christmas Day
  28. Your Christmas wishlist
  29. Some last-minute gift ideas
  30. Do a Blogmas photo diary
  31. The best Christmas TV specials
  32. Christmas Do outfit post
  33. DIY Christmas cards
  34. A seasonal holiday bucket list!
  35. What you got for Christmas
  36. Your Boxing Day
  37. Healthy Christmas food or snacks
  38. A look at your Christmas decorations
  39. DIY Christmas calendars
  40. Christmas events in your city
  41. Your least favourite thing about Christmas
  42. A collection of your favourite Blogmas posts
  43. Secret Santa gift ideas
  44. DIY Christmas tags
  45. Are you on the naughty list this year?
  46. Christmas makeup (I might not do this one…)
  47. A list of your favourite Christmas calendars
  48. Winter clothing guide
  49. Christmas interior inspiration
  50. Go to your local Christmas Market!

So there we have it guys, I hope this list helped and I wish you the best of luck with sticking out Blogmas!

Are you taking part in Blogmas this year? Do you have any other Blogmas post ideas which you want to share? Let me know in the comments!


Blogmas Day 6 Christmas Favourites

 Hello my lovelies,
Today is day 6 of blogmas and it is 15 favourite Christmas things. So here are the top 15 things that I absolutely love about Christmas!
  1. I love the idea of giving gifts to someone!
  2. I love deciding what to give to people (although it takes me a while to actually buy them. It's two weeks till xmas and I still have presents to buy).
  3. I love Christmas shopping!
  4. I love Christmas songs!
  5. I love re-decorating my room for Christmas!
  6. I love the concept of Father Christmas coming through a chimney to give you presents (Yes I still have that kid in me who still believes).
  7. I love making festive food!
  8. I love waking up on Christmas morning and checking to see what I got in my stocking!
  9. I love opening a flap each day from my advent Calendar! (As you know this year my sister has lovingly made me one!)
  10. I love reading festive books (which are cheerful of course)!
  11. I love snow on Christmas day! (Although we don't tend to get it in the UK).
  12. I love buying Christmas decorations.
  13. I love doing Christmas Crafts, this year I actually made some Christmas cards and I plan on doing something fancy with the wrapping.
  14. I love watching Christmas movies!
  15. I love writing Blogmas posts everyday! Even though I'm not very good at posting them everyday.
Those were some of my most favourite things about Christmas…although, I have a LOT more. Just can’t remember them at the moment! 
What are some of your favourite things concerning Christmas?


Blogmas Day 5 - Christmas Tag

20 Sleeps Till Christmas

Hello my lovelies,

"Christmas time mistletoe and wine. Children singing Christian rhyme." Sorry about that.... I love this song so much! Anyways let's get on with the tag shall we. What is your favourite Christmas Song?   This is a tough one... I Love most Christmas songs especially the oldies like White Christmas, Deck The Halls, the Little Boy that Santa Clause forgot. But I also like new ones like The Darkness Christmas Time Dont Let The Bells End. At the moment I'm listening to Lasy Antebellums Christmas Album. I love country music so country and Christmas mixed is top for me What is your favourite Christmas drink? I am a huge fan of Starbucks Eggnog latte which I can blame my sister for getting me to drink last year and now I have to have it at Christmas. I also liked Costas Creme brûlée latte and their gingerbread latte. What is your favourite Christmas film? I am afraid I cannot pick just one as I love pretty much every Christmas film; except A Christmas Carol both the muppet version and Jim Carey version. Yet I also like Its a Wonderful life. It's not Christmas unless I've seen those films. What is at the top of your Christmas wish list? i haven't made a Christmas list to be honest, but I know I want any Marvel DVD, make up, The Happiness Planner.  What is your favourite festive makeup or nail art look? I know this is a classic look, but i love red nails with gold glitter. I don't think it gets more festive than that really! What is your favourite Christmas outfit? (LBD, Jumpers, PJ's?) I don't really get dressed on Christmas Day unless I'm going somewhere which is rare, but for work does I like a classic vintage inspired dress, last year I wore a red and black polka dot swing dress from Lindy Bop really beautiful. Even after I spilt cola down it as soon as I got to the venue. 
 Would you rather play out in the snow or enjoy it from the inside by the fire with a cuppa? The fact this involves a cuppa, I am staying inside. I love watching the snow from the warmth of my house, but I am not a huge fan of playing outside in it anymore unless I'm taking my dogs for a walk. Wrapping presents- love or loathe? Without a doubt, I love wrapping presents. I think wrapping paper is so cute and I love decorating the present with ribbon and bows after I have wrapped it. It feels nice giving someone a present knowing you have taken the time to make it look all pretty with the wrapping paper. What is your favourite Christmasy food? Stuffing and pigs in blankets All the way! I don't know what it is but there is something about stuffing that just tickles my taste buds and I love it so much. I would eat it everyday if i could. But Christmas stuffing is by far the best! What is your favourite thing about Christmas? Spending time with my family. I don't have a big family and what family I do have is spread between my home town of Milton Keynes and Bristol, so it is hard to meet regularly. I also love the decorations, I love seeing all the sparkly lights that neighbours have hung outside and just walking round the streets walking my dogs seeing all the displays.

Blogmas Day 4- is Father Christmas real?

Hello my lovelies and welcome to a belated Blogmas Day four. Now when I was thinking of a post I couldn't think of one, then an idea that no one has really posted in my head. Is Father Christmas - or Santa as some say - real? I don't want to upset some who still believe as I like to believe he is just to keep the spirit of Christmas alive, but alas, deep down I know this not to be true. So my question is where were you when you first found out he wasn't real? 
I can't honestly remember I think I came to the conclusion myself when we stopped putting milk and cookies out for him and stopped going to see "him" in "his" grotto. 
I do have memories of when I was younger and my parents trying to show us he was real, one Christmas I remember my parents waking me and my sister up and telling us Father Christmas was here. We went into their room and on the ceiling was the shine of a tourch. Nowhere in the room did I see a tourch so I don't know how they managed that, even to this day it remains a mystery. Another xmas I remember being woken by my parents again and hearing bells, sleigh bells and again I don't know how they did that.
So there is my memories of being told Father Christmas was real and the way I found out he wasn't, even though I like to think he still does. 
When did you find out he wasn't real?


Blogmas Day Three Christmas Movies

Hello my lovelies,
Welcome to day three of my Blogmas now today I am going to give you the run down of my favourite Christmas Movies, the reason being is because I've started listening to my Christmas music and I've just watched Krampus which is a Christmas horror comedy. For those of you who aren't aware, Krampus is a German folktales that is told to kids to make them behave through out the year. If they are bad Father Christmas won't come but Krampus will and he will are you away. Although this film doesn't follow that rule, it's more if you don't believe in Christmas he comes and kills your family along with his killer gingerbread men and evil cuddly teddy bear. It was funny more than anything, go watch it and see for yourself. 
Anyways, without further ado here is my list of Christmas a movies in no particular order.
Miracle on 34th Street.
I love this movie as it always takes me back to when I was a little kid and whenever it was on I knew it was only a few days until I'd be sat opening my presents and stuffing myself silly on sweets and Turkey (not necessarily together). To this day I still feel that way.
Rise of the Guardians
Now this is relatively new to me. I've only seen it once and it's not only a Christmas movie, but it has elements of Easter (easter bunny) along with the sandman, tooth fairy, Jack Frost. Also I'm a sucker for cartoons, I love them, I am after a Disney fanatic and yes ok this isn't Disney, but it should have been.
The Polar Express
I love this film and how the characters look like the actors, especially the train conductor. Also the soundtrack is amazing, I'll admit that some of the songs are on my playlist (although I didn't add them to yesterday's post). It also shows you how different children from different backgrounds are, you have your spoilt brat who I can't stand if I'm honest, it could be that he reminds me of someone I used to go to school with or the actor is really good at being a brat lol, you also have the girl who likes everyone and sees the good in everyone which is nice and then you have the kid who is shy, parents don't have a lot of money and just keeps himself to himself but also like it when other people talk to him. If I'm honest it does make me cry because of the underlying message of never treating someone differ et to you especially at this time of year.
Love Actually
This film is amazing I love Bill Nighy he is just a great actor and his character is so funny and I love that he released a Christmas song under the name of the character from the film. I don't always like a film that has different stories running through it as it makes it hard to follow, but this film does it really well and somehow they all seem to fit with each other which is good.
The Grinch
Now when I first saw this film I though 'oh my god what has Jim Carrey done!' But I've watched it again recently and I have to admit I loved it and it's down to Jim Carrey and how he is as an actor. Again it has a message of not judging people and that people can change.
It's A Wonderful Life
I love this film especially in the black and white (don't like how it's been remastered to colour it just doesn't feel right) anyway every year my family and I have to watch this it wouldn't be Christmas if we didn't. For those of you who haven't seen it, I won't spoil it all I will say is that it's about a man who doesn't like his life and is given a chance of seeing what everyone's lives would be like if he wasn't there. It's very heart warming and does make you think about your own life and what others would be like if you hadn't been apart of their life. 
White Christmas 
Again another great film, mainly because I love old films (I love 40s, 50s and 60s era) also Bing Crosby can't have a Christmas song or film without him. He along with Nat King Cole and Dean Martin are the Three Wise Men of Christmas (see what I did there 😄).
Finally you have The Muppets Christmas Carol
Again it won't be Christmas without watching this film. Like It's A Wonderful Life my family and I (or rather my mum and sister and I) have to watch it. I love how they have taken a classic like A Christmas Carol and managed to tell it in a way that children would love. The one thing that scared me when I was younger was The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. That was scary, but other than that I love the film, I love the music, the songs and of course the marvellous Michael Caine, such a great and versatile actor.
So there is my list of favourite Christmas films although I'm sure there is more. I know there's Disneys version of A Christmas Carol (Animated) with Jim Carrey and like The Polar Express you can see in the characters the actors who voice them FYI Jim Carrey voices more than one. Disney have made it for the whole family, you have the animation for the kids and a few jokes for the adults if you haven't seen it I highly suggest you do.
I would love to hear what your favourite films are! Just post them in the comments below. In today's advent I got a pinup Maleficent bauble and some more nail varnish. Check out my Instagram page for the pics.


Blogmas Day 2 Christmas Music.

Hello my lovelies,   Day 2 of Blogmas (so far so good) today is all about Christmas music. Growing up I loved listening to xmas music, still do if I'm honest. Growing up it wasn't just the oldies like Slade, Wizzard, and The Pogues. But also Mariah Carey and really good oldies like Nat King Cole and Dean Martin. In all honesty Nat King Cole and Dean Martin were my fave songs. below is a list of my Christmas songs, go on Spotify and look them up. I haven't been able to set up a playlist on there but I will give it ago and put a link in my next post or even on Twitter.  
So in reviewing my playlist I have included both versions (if the song has been re jigged) so here it goes. Here is Rosie's Vintage Chic's Christmas song playlist
1. Bon Natale - Nat King Cole
2. Run Run Rudolph - Kelly Clarkson version
3. White Christmas - Michael Buble
4. One More Sleep - Leona Lewis
5. It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas - Michael Buble
6. O Tennumbaum - Nat King Cole
7. Chestnuts Roasting (The Christmas Song) - Nat King Cole
8. Mrs Santa Clause - Nat King Cole
9. Baby it's Cold Outside - Tom Jones & Cerys Matthews
10. Step Into Christmas - Elton John
11. Lonely This Christmas - Mud
12. Merry Christmas - Slade
13. Merry Christmas Everyone - Shakin Stevens
14. Underneath the Tree - Kelly Clarkson
15. All I Want For Christmas is You - Mariah Carey
16. Wonderful Christmas Time - Paul McCartney
17. Fairytale of New York - The Pogues
18. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Michael Buble
19. Last Christmas - Wham
20.  I Wish it Could Be Christmas Everyday - Wizzard
21. Rocking Around the Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee
22. Do They Know it's Christmas - Band Aid
23. Let it Snow Let it Snow - Dean Martin
24. Blue Christmas - Elvis Presley
25. Santa Baby - Kylie Minogue
26. Sleigh Ride - Ella Fitzgerald 
27. O Holy Night - Il Divo
28. Stay Another Day - East 17
29. Christmas Time (Don't Let the Bells End) - The Darkness 
30. The Little Boy That Santa Clause Forgot - Nat King Cole
31. All I Want for Christmas - Lady Antebellum 
32. Please Come Home For Christmas - Lady Antebellum 
Wow that's a lot of songs, and there are still more that I've forgotten no doubt. I just love walking into a store and hearing xmas songs. It's not Christmas until you hear the songs or if you live in my house until the coca cola advert comes on.
Also I opened my second advent and got a lovely nail varnish (pretty in pink ballet nude) and a little xmas tree decoration of beauty and the beast. My sister knows me so well. 
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